Friday, December 23, 2011

I Believe in Peace and Freedom

Something Extraordinary is Happening. There is Beauty in the air and Love in our Hearts. Whispers of the past are Inspiring us to Give and Share Freely. Something Extraordinary is Happening. Life is showing its true Wonder and Enveloping all Living things with Hope and Happiness. We are becoming a Community of Light. Something Extraordinary is Happening. A Wealth of Spirits are Guiding us along a Nurturing Journey to a place where Destiny awaits. Gods and Goddesses are Smiling upon us and Calling us Home. Something Extraordinary is Happening.

We are Connected. Our Celestial Blueprint flows from the Heart and Soul. We have a Rainbow Light within which is Infinite. Let us Grow together with Grace. Let us Live a Meaningful Life of Free Choice and Compassion. The Spirit of the Ancestors and Wisdom of the Ancients are with us always. Let us Embrace the Magick of Nature. Let us manifest Love in our Lives and Let us Journey Joyously to Global Unity. We are Connected.

Change is a vehicle of Joy when steered in the right Direction. Transformation is a Profound Message when we Manifest a New World rooted in Love. Be the Breath of Change. Breathe in Spirit, Breathe in Hope, Breathe in Joy and Breathe in Love. Humanity will soon Emerge from its Cocoon becoming a Gift of Light that leads to Greater Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. The Soul of Kindness will be the Blueprint for the New Earth. Change is upon us, Smile and Embrace it.

May your day be Blessed with Warmth and Loving Kindness. May the Divine Masculine and Feminine Inspire and Guide you. May you Believe you Can and Know you Will. May you Teach with the Soul and Listen with the Heart. May you generate Joy, Hope and Happiness throughout your Life. May all your days Illuminate each other and May that Light inspire you to Dream. May you walk a Path of Spirits and Angels as you Delight the Gods and May the Love in your Heart be the Message you Share.

Friends in Spirit. Friends in Dreams and Discovery. Friends in Joy, Peace and Freedom. Friends in Illuminated Consciousness. Friends in Wellness, Wisdom and Wonder. Friends in Down to Earth Spirituality. Friends in Eternity of Thought. Friends in Oneness with Life. Friends in Soul Based Energy. Friends in Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Friends in Hope and Happiness. Friends in Brotherhood of Divinity. Friends in Love, Laughter and Light. We are Friends and I Love You!

We are Interconnected with the Universe. We are a Unique Incarnation created by the Heavens. Let us Gather together in Peace and Live Life Joyously. Celebrate the Transformative Human Experience by Manifesting Positive Change. Shine your Light brightly and Illuminate the Labyrinth of Life that all may see their way to the Beauty of your Soul. We are a Cosmic Family and when we Share our Love we are Home.

Dream with the Spirits and Dance with the Ancients. Revel in Diversity and Connect on a daily basis to the Energy which Flows between people. Ours is a Ministry of the Heart. Pray at the Temple of the Self. Pray in Appreciation and Reverence for a World where Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is Life. Pray that the Journey of Mankind is a Conscious Healing Path of Inspiration and Spiritual Alchemy. We Live a Life that Matters when it Matters to us how we Live. Dream, Dance and Love................

Believing is Seeing. I Believe that mine is a Magical World and I See around me Radiant Divine Souls. I Believe I have been Blessed with many Gifts and I See Ancient and Indigenous People in my Dreams and in my Visions. I Believe in Peace and Freedom and I See a New Earth Liberated by Love. I Believe we are Children of the Sun and I See Mother Earth as Heaven. I Believe in You and I See how Beautiful Life can Be. Believing is Seeing. I Believe!

Your Life is a Gift and you are a Treasure to be Cherished. Love yourself and Mother Earth opens her arms . Believe in yourself and the Heavens Rejoice. Faith moves Mountains and when we have Faith in ourselves there isnt anything we cant do. Manifest your Vision, Live your Dreams, Inspire your Spirit and Joyfully Celebrate Life. You have within you the Magic to make a difference. Give the Gift of You and the World becomes a Better place for you are the Greatest Gift of All.

Live in the Light. Commune with the Divine and Liberate your Spirit. The World is a Land of Mystical Magic where Dreams become Realities. Believe in yourself and seek to generate Peace and Love. When we Believe the Heavens open and the Music of our Soul becomes a Symphony of Joy and Happiness. The soft Winds of Spirit are waiting for you to Sail the Seas of Consciousness. The Journey begins with two words - I Believe.

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