Thursday, December 01, 2011

We are the Prayer

I am the Flow of Life. I am a Living Treasure walking a long and winding Path to a State of Bliss. I am the Temple of the Soul and a Messenger of the Ascended. I am Joy, Laughter and Aliveness. I am a Sharer of Light and Giver of Love. I am all things Magickal. I am here for the Benefit of Seekers. I am Sacred in Body and Breath. I am the Roots of Awakening and the Seeds of Awareness. I am The Ancient One.

Take Grand Leaps into Hope and Happiness. Breathe in Joy. Feel the Miracle of Life and Celebrate your Beauty. To be fully Alive is to Love and be Loved. Harvest Bliss and Share what you reap with all whose Souls need nourishing. The Voice of your Spirit is calling you to Awaken to your Light. Become who you are for who you are is an Angel on Earth. Raise a Cup of Blessings to the Heavens and give Praise for every Smile.

The Universe is in Transition and we can aid the Transformation of Mother Earth by Creating a Global Community of Openheartedness and Enlightened Awareness. The Sun is bathing us with a Brighter shade of Love and the Winds of Change are Sweetly blowing Waves of Joy our way. Experience the Happiness available to you then Share it with everyone you meet. This is a Beautiful and Miraculous time in our history. Give your Love freely into the Universe and Be the Miracle.

Love is who we are. We are an Extraordinary Gift to be Treasured and Cherished. We are a growing Tapestry of Illumination and Transformation. We are an Enlightened Heart filled with Beautiful Blessings. Love is who we are. We are a Song the Soul sings. We are a Poem written in the Heavens. We are the Heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth and the Breath of God. Love is Who We Are!

Love makes things Real. It Inspires Kindness in our interactions. It Creates flourishing Societies and Visionary movements. It opens Doorways into other Dimensions and brings more Joy into everyday Life. Love is our True Spiritual Purpose. It is a Celestial Phenomenon that says God Lives in Me. It is the Light of Compassion and the Holiness of Immortality. Love makes things Real and i really, really, really Love You! What is your Reality?

Immerse yourself in Songs, Poems and Prayers. Sing a Song of Limitless Possibilities and Absolute Joy. Make your Life a Poem of Ancient Wisdom and Boundless Possibilities. Pray for the kind of Life your Soul is yearning for and Illuminate your dark places. Love flows Freely when we allow the Light in our Heart to Connect us with the Sacred. Global change begins with a Song, a Poem and a Prayer. Amen.

Walk with me on Clouds of Awareness and make your Visions a Reality. Be all that you are and join with me in Building a Joyous Community. Let us Plant our Roots deeply in the Garden of Life that we may reap a Harvest of Insight and Inspiration. Embody a new Way of Being and make a Sacred Contract with yourself to Facilitate and Cultivate Change. Together we can Create a Global Network of Spiritual Realization and Soul Engaging Love. Walk with me on Clouds of Awakening....

We are the Prayer. We are Sacred Creations and the Womb of our Existence is overflowing with Wisdom. We are a Prayer of Goodwill towards Humanity. We are a Prayer of Truth that Rejoices in the Happiness of others. Life is a grand Treasure hunt that exceeds Expectations when we make Love our Philosophy. Explore the vast Dimensions of Life with Joy as your Guide and you Heal the Heart and Mind. Smile for we are People on the Grow and We are the Prayer.

( Words by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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