Friday, December 16, 2011

Living a Life of Love

Express your Loving essence in a way that influences Positive Change. Make your Life an Enlightened Exploration of Magical Spirit and a Myriad of Paths. Bless the World with Loves presence and Embrace the collective World Soul. Live your Ideas, Live your Truth, Live your Inspiration and Live your Bliss. Love your Life and Live in the Light for God is a Cosmic Painter and we are a Masterpiece. The Art of Existence is the Miracle of Life. Be the Work of Art you are meant to Be.

Let us Gather all Faiths and Philosophies and Talk with an open Loving Heart of our Spiritual Journey. Love is the Highest form of Communication and as Stewards of the Earth it is our Responsibility to make a Positive impact on the Planet. This is a Time of Great Change and Transformation. Infuse your Life with Love and you will Blossom in your own Garden. Let us Celebrate our Oneness. We are a Family of Sacred Truth and Divine Inspiration. To make our world Whole, Happy and Awakened we need only Love and Be Loved.

Bow to the Earth in Gratitude and Pour forth your Love. Life is a Shared Dream and We are the Heartbeat of God. Expand your Spirit and Believe that you can do anything you set your Mind to. A Sincere Love for all Beings will Benefit future Generations and make yours an Inspired Way of Life. Embrace the Glory of the Butterfly and burst from your cocoon into a new World where you can truly Thrive. You are a Glorious Being and the Pathway to Happiness begins with your next Step.

Every Person has a Message for the World. Every Person has something to Teach Me. Every Person has within them the Ability to Serve and Save Mankind. Every Person has the Fire of Love within their Soul. Every Person can Walk a Path of Peace and Understanding. Every Person can Create their own Reality. Every Person can Share their Insight. Every Person can Bring People Together. Every Person is Divine. I am every Person and so are You. Be the Person You are Meant to Be.

Can you see the Miracles happening? Look out your window at the Children playing, Walk through a Garden, Hug a Tree, put your feet in the River, Watch a Bird Fly, Look in the mirror and Smile, Read a Book, Listen to a Song, See through Loving eyes and Love, Love, Love.... Something Special is Happening in the Universe and those who See the Miracles will be the ones to lead the Way. You are the Light, You are the Love and You are the Greatest Miracle of all. Be the Miracle.

Dance with me in the Spirit of Celebration. The Heartbeat of God will be the Symphony that Ignites the Fire within. We as Beings of Light are Free to Love therefore we should use every Moment and every Breath to Foster the Positive and Inspire the Soul. Whoever you are Know that the Spirit of Universal Love is ready and waiting for you to fulfill your Purpose here on Earth. The Essence of your True Angelic Being is visible every time you Smile. Awake this Morning to Love - and Smile. May I have this Dance?

The Ability to Love is Life's Greatest Gift. Love Transforms Communities and lets us Know that We are all One. Mother Earths inhabitants are Shamanic Journeyers of Creative Spirit walking the Path of the Seeker. We each have a Message of Love to be Shared. We each have within us the Wisdom of the Ancients. There are a Jungle of Possibilities to those who make an Intentional Commitment to Serve the Betterment of Humankind. Experience Awareness and partake Joyously in bringing Truth and Light to the Universe. Love is your Gift - Share it - and it will bring you Happiness and Bliss heretofore unknown.

The Virgin Day has opened itself to me that i may Taste its Fruits and Savor its Nectar. The Greater Light of Praise and Gratitude has Shone upon me Guiding me to Manifest Positivity and Metaphysical Insight. Life is Spiritual Evolution and the larger the Evolutionary Leap you take the Greater the outcome. The Earth is Changing and by Living a Life of Love we can Converse with the World and Communicate with the Universe in ways that are Profound. The Virgin Night has arrived. I Wonder what She has for Me?

The Earth Walk fills my Heart with Wisdom and Inspires me to grow Spiritually. Every day I Love Life more. I find Heaven in the Simplest things. Every Smile is Heartwarming and Captivating. Every Hug creates Boundless Love and Joy. My Life is a Rainbow of Positive Transformations and Metaphysical Thought. A Fresh Vision every morn takes me on an Astral Voyage of Enormous Possibilities. Walk with me upon this Earth and the Heavens will unfold at our feet. I am Truly Blessed. You are Truly Blessed, We are Truly Blessed. Bless this Life. Amen!

The Power of Love is a Magnificent Gift which impacts Positively on the World. Love is a Matrix of Sacred Knowledge that Wakes us up to Joy and Teaches our Spirit to Soar. It is a Soul Nourishing Environment of Sweet Dreams and Celestial Wisdom. Love What Is, Love What Was and Love What Will Be. The Luminous Self embraces the Earth and Dances in the Heavens when we Live in Love. Love is the Key. Open the Door and Walk Joyfully into your Destiny.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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