Thursday, May 26, 2016

Live A Life Of Joyful Beauty

you are an undiscovered gem and the moment you unearth this blessing you open inner gateways which lead to sacred worlds where you may shine like a diamond of sacred truth as you live a life of joyful beauty.

cultivate feelings of love as this facilitates positive well being by assisting and guiding you toward a life filled with pleasure where you may live in the light of the divine.

i hope you are aware of just how beautiful you are. i hope you realize just how glorious you are. i hope you know just how magnificent you are. i believe in you. i honor you. i love you. i hope you embrace the beauty, glory and magnificence of who you truly are. you are sacred and divine. bless you.

a deep appreciation for and a loving relationship with yourself will enhance the quality of your life as it propels you forward toward your highest destiny.

you are a beautiful powerful soul on a magickal journey of glory and wonder whose mission is simply to be the shining light of love you were born to be.

life grows richer when you embrace each moment in a more positive light. a joyful approach will guide you through gateways of sacred beauty to places of divine love.

celebrate being different. dance in the light of your authentic self. you are a being of ancient significance in a time of growth and change. by being true to who you are you become more alive. celebrate being different.

in moments of meditative reflection my unique beauty is revealed and i advance along a path of spiritual growth where my soul is happy and my heart is at peace.

powerful and precious are they whose loving spiritual guidance empowers the soul and embraces the heart of each and every person blessed to experience their sacred beauty.

satisfying loving relationships create calm well being for they make our lives more connected and fulfilling by embracing our deepest purpose and immersing us in the energy of the divine.

dance in the light of love and do whats good for your soul for you are an extraordinarily beautiful and powerful being of divine glory whose essence inspires.

as you navigate your ife path practice self compassion for when you are kinder and more loving toward yourself you grow more alive and your journey becomes one of great joy and happiness.

the more authentic you are the more energy you will have to transform, for being true to yourself greatly enhances the power within you and life becomes a blessing of love.

you have within you miracles and blessings which when shared in an inspiring and honest way creates an environment of sacred beauty where the light of love shines on all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, May 20, 2016

O Peaceful Spirit let me Embrace the Light

o peaceful spirit let me embrace the light that i may know your beauty and live my truth in a way that celebrates the miracle and magick of my sacred self.

you are on an evolutionary journey of high vibrational energy that is uplifting and empowering and if you look deep within your heart you will see your magnificence and yours will become a rich and rewarding path of love.

make soulful decisions that promote well being and your life will transform, for a more holistic approach allows us to enter our own heart and see the beauty of a love most profound.

you attract the highest good when you embrace your mysteries as this honors the spirit in you and makes life a magickal experience of sacred guidance and divine insight.

a spiritually enlightening world of peace and pleasure is possible if we immerse ourselves in transformative light and dedicate our life to a path of love where we grow and evolve with every step.

express your true self as this will release your spiritual power allowing you to experience the beauty and revelations of the light within.

when our choices are expressions of gratitude we create pathways of spirit which lead to greater happiness and we discover answers that help us make this a more beautiful world.

beyond this life is a place of serenity where our intuitive and empathic energies illuminate the way that we may be the powerful spiritual being that we truly are. let this be the day you reach beyond this reality and discover your divine glory.

when we accept and believe just how special we are we begin to experience our own bliss and our path becomes one of outstanding contributions that make a positive difference.

express your divinity and share the beauty of your sacred self for yours is a fascinating life story and you are a miracle whose essence inspires.

we begin to experience joy when we engage in empowering relationships that are spiritually beneficial as this is the foundation for a happy enlightened life.

enter into the sacred by making life honoring choices as this will create a higher awareness which will release the love and healing energy within.

venture inward for it is there that you will discover a luminous energy field which will guide you to a compassionate environment of evolving consciousness and enlightening experiences.

be a follower of the light as this will create sacred relationships of greater happiness that inspire you to be the beautiful being of love that you truly are.

experiential activities which guide us to higher dimensions create holistic wellness and lead us to a peaceful place of true fulfillment.

look deep within and explore your unique spiritual blueprint as doing so will give you an enriched understanding of your true self and inspire you to assist others on their path as you illuminate your own journey with the divine light of your sacred essence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 12, 2016

An Extraordinary Adventure of Light and Love

life grows richer when we open ourselves to receive spiritual guidance for it is through positive thought and action that faith flourishes and life becomes an extraordinary adventure of light and love.

within you is an evolutionary spirituality and by immersing yourself in the fertile soul of the soul you will be inspired to manifest healing and cleansing actions that will empower you to give voice to your sacred self allowing you to experience true joy.

listen to the voices of spirit as they whisper in the wind for they carry with them messages from higher realms that will bring your visions to life and make your dreams come true.

a growing awareness of our true self is divine nourishment which if embraced will create holistic well being making ours a life of tremendous merit that touches people in miraculous ways.

be passionate about what you do for it is when we believe fully in who we are and wha t we are sharing with the world that we create change in our life and ours becomes an adventure of truth, beauty and spiritual revelations.

share your gifts today by lighting the way for others that they may connect to your essence and that you all may have life changing experiences that lead to joy and happiness.

o sacred mystical heart grant me a richer and more fulfilling life that i may embrace this world with a smiling face of reality that inspires others to live their passions and manifest their purpose.

listen to the universe speak as its message will positively impact your life in a way that brings you joy and inner peace.

be who you are destined to be. be a compassionate presence of evolution and empowerment who enriches and enlightens the lives of all you come in contact with. you are a miracle of truth and beauty. share your love. share your light. be who you are destined to be.

we are warm and welcoming people of purpose who by living our higher self create a state of well being that awakens us to our divinity that we may drink from the fountain of life with a smile on our soul.

you are an inspired creation of extraordinary energy and by bestowing your gifts on others you manifest cosmic waves of sacred beauty that honor your celestial self.

have more faith in yourself for you have the ability to transform. at any moment simply by believing and trusting in your greatness you can change your life for the better.

listen beyond your reality and you will hear the truth, venture beyond your reach and you will experience positive enlightenment, look within invisible realms and divine dimensions and you will see a life where joy is your passion for it is somewhere outside of our truth that bliss waits for us to come home.

every breath is the breath of life and every life is a thing of beauty. once you accept this truth the beauty you breathe will be a blessing that you share with the universe as live your true nature.

divine guidance grows within us and by immersing ourself in its glory we become powerfully energized and our path transforms into a rich and diverse road to spiritual freedom.

a greater awareness of who you are will completely change and harmonize your life for it is when we recognize the miracle of our sacred existenc e that we feel truly blessed and beautiful.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Walk a Path of Beauty that is both Blissful and Joyful

share your radiant spirit as this is a deeply restorative experience that will bring the insightful and enlightening energies within to the surface allowing you to discover your greatness and walk a path of beauty that is both blissful and joyful.

we experience the beauty of the healing vibrations within when we embrace who we really are with sacred self acceptance as transforming the world begins by loving yourself first and then sharing that love with others.

live a sacred existence of balance and harmony by opening yourself fully to the divine touch of spirit as this will bring you closer to people that you may inspire each other with kindness and compassion.

spiritual activities create momentous events that light your life by enhancing the flow of energy within that you may express your divinity and serve all you meet.

you bless the world with your light and love for you are a sacred being with transformative powers who is living a life of meaning.

greet each moment with love. greet each step along your path with prayer and reflection. channel positive energy from within and share its light with the world. you are a wise and wonderful being and in that instance when you realize your magnificence you will become spiritually enlightened and the treasures of the universe will be your sacred reward.

be true to yourself and the loving vibrations within will provide the sustenance needed for your spirit to help you make yours a more beautiful world.

the rewards are great for those who live their love by sharing its truth and beauty in the deepest most sacred ways.

every time you seek to guide and empower others you reinvent yourself and life becomes clearer and more positive.

let compassion toward yourself be your divine purpose for by loving yourself you give the soul what it craves as you illuminate the beauty and richness of your heart.

life is a miraculous gift that invokes inspiration when we embrace and express ourselves in a manner that helps us evolve positively along the way.

exist in the moment with the knowledge that within you are beautiful sacred spaces and each of those spaces has a doorway to the miraculous. to open the doorway you need only to love and believe in yourself. knock, knock, let yourself in.

embrace the essential transformational energy within for it speaks an alchemical language that will lead you to landscapes of of love where extraordinary experiences bathed in light will bring you home to the heaven of your destiny.

it takes great courage to open your heart and by doing so you allow the fullness of the universe to hold you close and guide you to a love that is beautiful and sacred.

a deep desire to help others is a blessing of illumination and transformation which we gift ourselves with that creates magickal and miraculous experiences.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One