Thursday, May 12, 2016

An Extraordinary Adventure of Light and Love

life grows richer when we open ourselves to receive spiritual guidance for it is through positive thought and action that faith flourishes and life becomes an extraordinary adventure of light and love.

within you is an evolutionary spirituality and by immersing yourself in the fertile soul of the soul you will be inspired to manifest healing and cleansing actions that will empower you to give voice to your sacred self allowing you to experience true joy.

listen to the voices of spirit as they whisper in the wind for they carry with them messages from higher realms that will bring your visions to life and make your dreams come true.

a growing awareness of our true self is divine nourishment which if embraced will create holistic well being making ours a life of tremendous merit that touches people in miraculous ways.

be passionate about what you do for it is when we believe fully in who we are and wha t we are sharing with the world that we create change in our life and ours becomes an adventure of truth, beauty and spiritual revelations.

share your gifts today by lighting the way for others that they may connect to your essence and that you all may have life changing experiences that lead to joy and happiness.

o sacred mystical heart grant me a richer and more fulfilling life that i may embrace this world with a smiling face of reality that inspires others to live their passions and manifest their purpose.

listen to the universe speak as its message will positively impact your life in a way that brings you joy and inner peace.

be who you are destined to be. be a compassionate presence of evolution and empowerment who enriches and enlightens the lives of all you come in contact with. you are a miracle of truth and beauty. share your love. share your light. be who you are destined to be.

we are warm and welcoming people of purpose who by living our higher self create a state of well being that awakens us to our divinity that we may drink from the fountain of life with a smile on our soul.

you are an inspired creation of extraordinary energy and by bestowing your gifts on others you manifest cosmic waves of sacred beauty that honor your celestial self.

have more faith in yourself for you have the ability to transform. at any moment simply by believing and trusting in your greatness you can change your life for the better.

listen beyond your reality and you will hear the truth, venture beyond your reach and you will experience positive enlightenment, look within invisible realms and divine dimensions and you will see a life where joy is your passion for it is somewhere outside of our truth that bliss waits for us to come home.

every breath is the breath of life and every life is a thing of beauty. once you accept this truth the beauty you breathe will be a blessing that you share with the universe as live your true nature.

divine guidance grows within us and by immersing ourself in its glory we become powerfully energized and our path transforms into a rich and diverse road to spiritual freedom.

a greater awareness of who you are will completely change and harmonize your life for it is when we recognize the miracle of our sacred existenc e that we feel truly blessed and beautiful.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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