Thursday, May 26, 2016

Live A Life Of Joyful Beauty

you are an undiscovered gem and the moment you unearth this blessing you open inner gateways which lead to sacred worlds where you may shine like a diamond of sacred truth as you live a life of joyful beauty.

cultivate feelings of love as this facilitates positive well being by assisting and guiding you toward a life filled with pleasure where you may live in the light of the divine.

i hope you are aware of just how beautiful you are. i hope you realize just how glorious you are. i hope you know just how magnificent you are. i believe in you. i honor you. i love you. i hope you embrace the beauty, glory and magnificence of who you truly are. you are sacred and divine. bless you.

a deep appreciation for and a loving relationship with yourself will enhance the quality of your life as it propels you forward toward your highest destiny.

you are a beautiful powerful soul on a magickal journey of glory and wonder whose mission is simply to be the shining light of love you were born to be.

life grows richer when you embrace each moment in a more positive light. a joyful approach will guide you through gateways of sacred beauty to places of divine love.

celebrate being different. dance in the light of your authentic self. you are a being of ancient significance in a time of growth and change. by being true to who you are you become more alive. celebrate being different.

in moments of meditative reflection my unique beauty is revealed and i advance along a path of spiritual growth where my soul is happy and my heart is at peace.

powerful and precious are they whose loving spiritual guidance empowers the soul and embraces the heart of each and every person blessed to experience their sacred beauty.

satisfying loving relationships create calm well being for they make our lives more connected and fulfilling by embracing our deepest purpose and immersing us in the energy of the divine.

dance in the light of love and do whats good for your soul for you are an extraordinarily beautiful and powerful being of divine glory whose essence inspires.

as you navigate your ife path practice self compassion for when you are kinder and more loving toward yourself you grow more alive and your journey becomes one of great joy and happiness.

the more authentic you are the more energy you will have to transform, for being true to yourself greatly enhances the power within you and life becomes a blessing of love.

you have within you miracles and blessings which when shared in an inspiring and honest way creates an environment of sacred beauty where the light of love shines on all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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