Thursday, June 02, 2016

Blessings of Great Happiness and Ethereal Brilliance

blessings of great happiness and ethereal brilliance are the reward for acts of inspiration which serve the highest good.

listen to your angels and spirit guides for the message they are sharing is that you are something special and that by believing this truth your life will become a sacred gift of great spiritual beauty.

intense devotion and a desire to serve in a wise and loving way creates a conversation with the soul that enriches our life and changes our world.

let the light within lead you to breathtaking landscapes of love where you may be divinely guided to explore your destiny through extraordinary experiences that empower and transform.

yours is a life designed to lift the spirit and by living compassionately with kindness as your guide the path you are on becomes a positive affirmation which allows you to discover the sacred within.

believe in possibility as this will open you to uplifting and inspirational experiences which help you evolve and ascend.

explore and experience the true source of power within as you peacefully and joyfully gift the world with empowering expressions of light and love for yours is a soul embedded in the fabric of the universe which is a blessing to be shared.

there is beauty around you. there is beauty within you. life is a blessing of beauty. you are a miracle of beauty. live your beauty. share your beauty. love your beauty. there is beauty...

you have extraordinary metaphysical gifts and by believing in them you open yourself to transformative knowing and spiritual awakening. the biggest rewards come to those who know their truth and use its blessings lovingly.

the heavens gift us with an angelic embrace whenever we make heart centered choices that celebrate the miracle of life.

there is joy in connection for when we bond in sacred beauty with another we create a luminous energy field which embraces, enhances and enriches us mind, body, spirit and soul.

believe you are a blessing and walk towards your true self as this will create a more positive outlook and yours will be a loving compassionate path of bliss.

accept the help and love of your spirit as this will bring forth clarity and guide you to a positive lifestyle of growth and transformation where the healing energies of the soul leave you feeling more empowered and enlightened.

the universe has a song for your soul and if you listen closely you will hear the beauty of its melody and life will become a dance of mystical experiences and sensational spiritual gifts.

explore inner realms and you will experience the amazing for you are a magickal being of light whose essence enchants and the world is a better place with you in it.

joy resides within and by living from the heart you balance your energies which honors your sacred journey and makes life a gift of beauty you give yourself.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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