Thursday, June 23, 2016

Choose The Highest Good

life is about choices and when we choose the highest good we feel a sacred sense of aliveness which opens us to wondrous opportunities that allow us to experience more happiness as we share our light with the world.

live a compassionate life of evolved metaphysics and you will encounter kindred souls who see the beautiful light within you and celebrate your greatness.

reach beyond this earthly realm for when we believe in and explore other realms, realities and dimensions we cultivate and nurture a life of love, light and divine beauty.

let us develop and mature spiritually that we may walk a path of divine universal energy to a soulful sanctuary of light where happiness is realized.

all aspects of existence are filled with glory and by living this truth joyfully and peacefully we become cosmic explorers of power and presence who make a difference in the world.

we are exquisitely beautiful and precious beings. when we acknowledge and embrace our own magnificence we begin to see and experience a spiritual wave of divine light and sacred love.

share what you learn along the way and yours will be a compassionate world that awakens the magick within as it serves the highest good of all.

meaningful purpose creates greater satisfaction in life by making ours a journey of divine passion embraced by the most rewarding experiences.

an ecstatic state of bliss is what we are blessed with when we use our tremendous healing powers to change lives and transform our world.

by leading a luminous life we vibrate at the highest frequency which helps raise consciousness and makes ours a more compassionate, fulfilling and wondrous adventure.

walk a path of positive affirmation in a way that empowers and you will elevate your spirit as you heal and grow.

a determination to heal connects us to source energy and we begin to make positive changes that are spiritually inspired. it is the commitment to love ourself in ways that enliven and encourage which cleanses the soul and guides us to all things ethereal.

let us hold the light for each other for each of us is truly a blessing and by supporting one another through spirit we create a more aware and nurturing environment.

we are born with extraordinary spiritual gifts and when we learn to revere and cherish this truth it empowers us all and we find peace and comfort as we are embraced by the light.

a life of pure bliss is what we are blessed with when we listen to our higher self for our higher self sees who we truly are and guides us to our own truth and beauty.

with the help of spirit we can serve others through prayer for prayer is the catalyst for positive action. by making the effort to focus our love and attention on others we open our heart which motivates us to help change lives in profound ways. let us pray and then let us act upon those prayers. bless you all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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