Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Fulfilling Evolutionary Path Of Light

when we set our intentions to being in harmony with all life we experience personal healing which makes ours a fulfilling evolutionary path of light and love.

with clear intention awaken your awareness as this will open your life to the divine making yours a path of ethereal experiences and sacred encounters.

we are divine vibrational beings and within us are profound sacred discoveries and transforming possibilities waiting to be set free that we may lead a life that reaches far beyond our expectations.

the forces of the universe are waiting for you to open the windows of perception that you may see clearly how unique and extraordinary your life is for it is at that moment in which they will lead you to a place of higher guidance, light and love.

we are all teachers of spirit born to expand and enhance the lives of those we love in ways that nurture growth and open hearts to the sacred and divine.

the right things happen when we use our innate intuitive gifts and transformational tools to connect to our spirit in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

sacred self empowerment and spiritual unfoldment are blessings we gift ourself with when we believe in who we are. these are treasures that engage the soul and lead us to profound experiences of joyful wonder. the time has come for you to believe.

beyond your awareness is a sanctuary of divine angelic guidance and healing vibrations waiting for you to awaken to your wisdom and make your way home.

openly and lovingly immerse yourself in the light you bring with you everywhere you go as this will release the true power within and guide you toward a place of well being where hearts are open and every encounter is beautiful and soulful.

you are worthy of self love and radical self acceptance for you are a blessing of beauty whose essence inspires. believe that you are worthy and let the light of love embrace your heart and soul.

there is a shift upon us which is so powerful as to benefit the well being of all humanity. we must open ourselves to receive its gifts by making kindness, compassion, love and light our intent and purpose. the shift is upon us and those who transform will be the ones who open their arms and say yes.

listen to the voice of the divine and it will tell you just how exceptionally gifted you are which will uplift and inspire the soul making yours an illuminated path of beauty and bliss.

the more confident and free you feel the more likely you are to live the life you truly desire.

when you truly connect to your sacred self you are awakened, healed and loved for it is by knowing that we are something so amazing which opens the heavens and beckons us home.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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