Thursday, July 07, 2016

Lift The Spirit To Angelic Realms

look in your heart and you will find messages of positive energy and compassion that ignite the soul and lift the spirit to angelic realms.

express your true essence by doing what you truly love as this will make you feel more directed on your path and lead to illuminating experiences of beauty and bliss.

destiny changes with every step we take. every turn adds something new to our existence. positive thoughts and actions manifest a more rewarding future. destiny is not something you wait for, its something you create.

within you are gifts of clarity and insight which if listened to speak a language of light that will guide yo to a more purposeful life of positive choices that provide comfort and greater well being.

know that you have beautiful energy and extraordinary gifts that are healing and nourishing for you are a messenger of light and love on a sacred path of divine purpose.

are you ready to transform, are you ready to expand your awareness, are you ready to go beyond reality and create miracles, then let us begin this wondrous journey to a better and more beautiful tomorrow.

these can be times of tremendous joy if you share your unique natural beauty and soulful expression in a way that embraces others with love, light and blessings.

you significantly improve your life by using your empowering spiritual tools to guide you on an exciting adventure of breathtaking beauty where you live your sacred purpose.

we as ethereal beings have empathic abilities and divinatory powers which when used to make positive choices lead us along angelic pathways to a sacred garden where we may live our light.

live more fully with positive intent and you will acelerate your spiritual growth as you become profoundly empowered by the sacred temple of light within.

we live more fully when we are able to find inspiration in the ordinary for it is within the simple things that the seeds of miracles are to be found.

celebrate being different for you are uniquely beautiful and by believing in yourself and dancing freely in the sunlight of your glorious existence yours becomes a richly orchestrated symphony of joy and happiness.

ask your higher self to help you discover your truth as this will heal and empower you by spiritually guiding you to the beauty of your sacred essence where you will experience the miracle of transformation.

within you are the sacred light of healing and a universal life force energy which are meant to be shared with both yourself and the world.

make empathic connections as this will create more meaningful relationships which embrace your humanity and divinity.

raise your vibration as this will take you to a caring and generous place of angelic encouragement that will fill your heart and soul with divine nourishment and heavenly joy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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