Thursday, July 14, 2016

Purity of Thought and Positive Intent

purity of thought and positive intent allow us to express our divine beauty in a way that leads us to live an awakened life where we experience miraculous change as we live our scared purpose.

life is lived for the benefit of all when we see the beauty around us and allow our loving presence to embrace it with light.

when we seek the divine we enrich our journey and ours becomes a life that radiates light and love.

connect more deeply with yourself and others as this will give you an empowered sense of self and change your life forever.

clarity, self acceptance, deep love and gratitude are gifts of nourishment and profound healing inspiration which we give ourselves when we live the beauty of our existence as a blessing of spirit.

your divine essence is a blessing of love which if you honor and celebrate its truth will wrap you in a sacred embrace making yours a beautiful life of mystical experiences.

you are a vessel of pure love and by deeply immersing yourself in oceans of spirit you reveal the truth of who you are in an incredibly powerful way that transforms your life and the world around you.

let the flow of life illuminate your essence with sacred sweetness and lead you to gardens of ethereal beauty overflowing with bliss where you may live your destiny with a smile on your soul.

devotion and dedication strengthen the soul and expand the heart making you feel more alive and guiding you to a place of divine bliss.

a positive sense of self worth is a gift to yourself and the world for when you love and believe in who you are life becomes a richly blessed thing of beauty.

live your true purpose and yours will be a radiant life where the light of inspiration creates for you a world where miracles flow.

cherish every encounter for each one is a sacred experience of magickal exploration with possibilities in every moment.

close your eyes, breathe in deeply the presence of the sacred and yours will be a spiritually fulfilling life of divine experiences.

experience the healing energy of empowered living for it is when we believe in ourself and our sacred abilities that we find greater depth and meaning which nurtures, nourishes and soothes mind, body and soul.

rest awhile in the womb of spirituality and you will emerge richer, happier and more connected to gaia.

walk with me through energetic vibrations of spirit and sacred dimensions of bliss where we through self exploration and transformation we may discover our precious gifts and become true lovers of life.

this moment is a powerful opportunity to celebrate the sacred and live in your love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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