Sunday, July 24, 2016

Inspired Imagination and Soulful Transformation

we are spiritually oriented people on a path to wholeness and by embracing this truth ours becomes an enlivening and extraordinary adventure of inspired imagination and soulful transformation where the flow of life leads us to labyrinths of light and love.

release your spiritual sweetness that it may nourish the soul of all blessed to experience the powerful and impactful beauty of your true and sacred self.

know that you without even knowing it are making monumental contributions to life that help others grow.

communicate with higher realms and you will discover an exquisite awareness that awakens you to an evolutionary path of immense power where you may live and love for the good of all.

immerse your mind and spirit in honest self reflection as you courageously explore the light of grace within for this will guide you down a marvelously inspiring path of beauty to a goldmine of soulful sweetness and profound glory.

when we express profound love we bring forth the sacred and life becomes a cherished gift of great joy and fulfillment.

may the presence of the divine within guide you to a place of loving spiritual energy where you can be who and what you were born to be.

deep within us is a quiet joyfulness to be treasured for when we discover and open this blessing its sacred beauty inspires us to live and love fully and completely.

use your inner gifts and exquisite ancestral wisdom to open gateways of understanding as this will reveal your true sac red self that all the world may see and experience the glorious beauty of who you are .

when we speak a language of compassion we give wings to our words that they may soar to higher vibrations of love making life an ethereal garden of divine light and sacred beauty.

those beautiful souls who are passionate about helping others are transcendent works of art who facilitate spiritual growth and make us come alive.

when we embrace our higher nature we activate our true essence and we create a nourishing life of spiritually enhancing experiences which awaken our divine purpose.

wonderful and uplifting are those poetic souls who realize that they are a work of art and their life is a beautiful tapestry of love to be cherished and celebrated.

you are a beautifully conceived celestial being whose generosity of spirit is a valuable contribution to humanity which opens hearts and changes lives. believe in and embrace the true divine glory of your sacred self.

a deeper sense of the spiritual will lead you to encounters with angels where magickal truths will be revealed which open the door to transformation.

may yours be a comforting, contemplative and empowering journey where your every action is a life affirming message of love that opens the heart to the sacred light of the universe and beyond.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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