Thursday, July 28, 2016

Discover The Divinity That Is Your Birthright

discover the divinity that is your birthright and let its beauty and power help you create a positive healing environment of profound experiences where universal compassion and kindness are gifts we bless every moment with.

deep inside you is sacred information and by immersing yourself in this ancient wisdom you unleash the essence of joy within creating pathways to pleasure which inspire and energize the heart, soul and spirit.

you are a blessing. a magnificent gift of love and light whose beauty and truth serve the greater good of humanity. be, live and embrace the angel that you are.

give birth to your dreams for it is by making our dreams realities that we change our lives in truly miraculous ways.

today is a day of tremendous opportunities. it is a day in which you can choose to strengthen your spirit. it is a day where you can call on higher wisdom. it is a day in which every expression if wished may be an expression of love. it is your day to shape any way you like. every day is a day of tremendous opportunities.

we are all spiritual artists on a personal journey of growth and ours is a sacred beauty that shines brightly making life a magickal and mystical experience where with every smile we create a work of art.

listen to your highest spiritual guide, listen to the voice of the sacred and listen to your heart as these are beneficial actions that create a stronger awareness and lead us along a divinely inspired path of total aliveness and greater happiness.

do that which speaks to your heart and your soul will thank you by making yours a life embraced by miracles.

know this truth that you are a uniquely beautiful and enlightened being with positive spiritual energies and that loving and believing in your magnificence will open your heart and soul allowing your gifts and blessings to embrace you and the world around you.

smile with your soul and use the positive qualities inherent within as this will make yours a spirit filled life of love, light and compassion which nourishes your visions and creates happiness.

communicate with your guides as their wisdom and insight will take you to higher levels of spiritual growth which will help you heal yourself and others .

you are an inspiration and by shining your light on others you awaken to who you truly are and life takes you to mystical dimensions of sacred beauty and divine transformation.

true expressions of love uplift the human spirit that we may live more fully in inspired and liberated ways.

soulful reflection allows us to become more aware that we have the power to make our personal life journey one of miracles and inspiration.

it is when we let our light shine through that life becomes an inspiring celebration of positive affirmations that embodies our sacred beauty and transforms our divine soul.

embrace the vibrant flow of energy within and you will be immersed in the waters of spiritual purification giving you greater wisdom and purpose by opening you to the deeper meaning of life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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