Thursday, August 04, 2016

Listen to the Voices of the Ancestors

listen to the voices of the ancestors as their words and wisdom are the catalyst for change which will holistically nurture your soul and release the vibrant energy within as it guides you on a journey towards empowerment.

true self compassion will help you grow your gifts by making yours an extraordinary life of exploration and enlightenment.

choose your thoughts. choose your actions. choose to embrace the light. choose to immerse yourself in love. life is a beautiful blessing when our choices and actions are of the highest intentions.

esoteric and spiritual opportunities are created when we are passionately committed to allowing the embodiments of the divine to flow into our life.

positive self esteem releases our beauty and brilliance making it easier for the world to see our magnificence and for us to receive messages from the light.

live to love and you will blossom from within as you are guided and inspired to embrace bigger and better goals as love is the catalyst for greatness, glory, change and transformation.

we who dedicate our lives to transformation are beings of insightful guidance whose beauty sprouts forth from within creating an empowering atmosphere of divine love that embraces mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

smile from the soul as this will raise your vibration creating self healing perspectives that give wings to your true luminous nature.

growth of mind and spirit are the result of appreciating our blessings and believing in who we are for ours is an ethereal existence and we are beings of love and light.

seek to create a safe nurturing environment that is lighthearted and joyful as this will take you to greater levels of truth and beauty that are full of possibility and soul embracing power.

these are times of transformation and by living with sincerity and simplicity we create empowering ways of being which cultivate love and compassion making ours a more positive existence that serves the greater good.

bring more love and light into the world and yours becomes a radiant and authentic life empowered by true divine spirit.

within you is a storehouse of energy and by making a powerful heartfelt choice to embody spirit you release that energy and become a benefit to others which in turn creates nurturing connections that lead to a life of abundance and gratitude.

sharing and exchanging our gifts and blessings with each other contributes positively to the awakening of all by improving the quality of our lives.

you have miraculous powers and through greater self awareness these powers are set free thereby contributing to the healing of yourself and others.

the essence of who you are is multi layered and by sharing your blessings you become a wise and loving guide whose every choice creates a foundation of wisdom and positive experience which benefits the greater good of all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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