Thursday, August 25, 2016

Emerge Victorious Into A Life Of Limitless Love

go deep within and see your true path, purpose and beauty as this act of positive intention will impact you in a way that allows you to emerge victorious into a life of limitless love.

when we are empowered by purpose our voyage of life becomes immersed in transformative events and effects that heal our future and seal our fate.

a voracious spiritual appetite touched by awareness will guide you to luminous places of greater happiness.

extraordinarily powerful are those keepers of wisdom who share their immortal spirit and magnificent glory in ways that bless themselves and others.

be an agent of transformation rooted in profound wisdom who uses the energies of life to embrace freedom and fulfillment as you evolve the divine within.

explore yourself as what you discover will alter your reality by creating spiritually inspiring moments where something beautiful happens which opens doorways into happiness.

self remembering creates compassionate vibrations that inspire and empower the heart and soul for when we remember who we truly are ours becomes a more benevolent reality of happy loving relationships and sacred truths.

dance with the spirits and they will guide you to life changing encounters through divine dimensions that lead to a nurturing, supportive and compassionate life of love.

kindness toward yourself unleashes treasures within which lead to higher levels of being.

rise with me to joyful heights that stimulate well being where we may look at the world through eyes of love as we embrace the cosmic light in profoundly beautiful ways.

open yourself fully to the empowering flow of energy within and you will receive miracles that align with your divine purpose and make every moment a celestial experience.

life is a symphony of light and love. if you listen closely you can hear the shamanic drum beat of your heart and if you immerse yourself in its sacred rhythm you can completely transform your world.

embrace the energies of the sacred as this will enhance and deepen your true spiritual nature making yours a life of mystical unions and sacred joy.

the more connected you feel toward others the greater your awareness and the more likely you are to make yours a path of profound opportunities which lead to happiness.

you are a true blessing alive with spirit and by tapping into the amazing powers within you fully experience everything as you become spiritually evolved.

wishes fulfilled are gifts we bless ourselves with when increase self knowledge and dedicate our life to being who we are destined to be.

when we are compassionate and empathetic we cultivate courage and elevate our spiritual state which inspires us to lead a life of greater happiness.

we experience the joy of life when we learn and live the truth that to love and be loved are the greatest gifts in the universe.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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