Thursday, August 18, 2016

Walking A Path Of Kind And Noble Deeds

ethereal purification is the reward for walking a path of kind and noble deeds that serve humanity.

you are a messenger of spirit whose higher levels of energy and self healing potential are blessings which when shared have a significant and positive impact on you r life and the lives of others.

fill your days with esoteric wisdom and transcendent connections for when our intent is to awaken the spirit the flower of enlightenment blossoms and life becomes a garden of boundless beauty.

the soul is pure and when we smile we beautifully illuminate its sacred brilliance making ours a path of light where kindness is our purpose.

let us gather in the light as we walk through magickal landscapes where our divine energies lead us to transforming experiences which embrace our beauty and inspire us to enjoy life more.

cherish your gifts for within each gift there is opportunity for growth and through growth we lift the spirit higher and our life becomes an ethereal blessing of sacred love.

positive beliefs and love of your true self create a transformation that enhances your spiritual evolution by guiding you through a path of light from which you emerge more empowered.

you are the hero of your story and by being more aware of your greatness you make each moment a blessing to be cherished and celebrated.

positive intention and purposeful action truly makes a difference as it heals yourself and others allowing all to blossom more fully.

we experience the mystical and become one with spirit when we express love and gratitude for the blessings in our lives.

within you is a beautiful and endearing wellspring of love which if shared stimulates the soul giving you a more positive experience of the self.

we are all born beautiful and by honoring that beauty we alter our awareness and invite spirit into our hearts as we weave the fabric of a new reality.

close your eyes and open your mind that you may see with clarity an empowering vision of the spirit of the earth as it is when we allow ourselves to experience the sacred truth of our existence that life becomes beautifully divine.

love who you are and you create richer moments of evolutionary enlightenment which inspire the soul to blossom.

in dignity and grace i seek a more profound understanding of myself and others for it is that sacred knowledge which will lead me to a path of inspired communication and radiant well being.

you are a beautiful spiritual being with innate gifts and by showing yourself love and kindness you release those gifts into the universe and life becomes a sacred journey of joy and happiness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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