Thursday, August 11, 2016

Live Each Moment In A Loving Manner

a desire to open hearts and live each moment in a loving manner will make yours a momentous and miraculous journey which lights the way for yourself and others.

when you seek to create a life of your own design you grow as a person and the greatness inside of you embraces every beat of your heart with real meaning and purpose.

may you manifest an abundant life full of hope as you live your passions and share your love for it is your turn to shine.

step into your truth and celebrate your uniqueness for deep inside your essence is a natural state of joy waiting to shower you with more light and love than you ever thought possible.

miracles and blessings are gifts we bestow upon ourselves when we awaken the light within for it is the appreciation and acceptance of our own magnificence which helps us truly come alive.

you are the creator of your reality. create something wonderful. create something magickal. create something beautiful. create something spiritual. you are the master of your destiny.

a more empowered life of transformational holistic experiences is yours when you share freely your energy, unique greatness and raw spirituality with others.

live with kindness and look forward to every day as a positive outlook and mindset are the tools necessary to lead you along a path of unlimited possibilities where you will discover many wonderful things making yours a free abundant life of sacred beauty.

we find insights, answers and deeper meaning when we set our intentions to turning our dreams and desires into truths and realities.

dive deep into the heart of who you are and you will discover messages of joy that will inspire you to intentionally and deliberately live an extraordinary life of light and love.

may yours be a clear new life path where you take inspired actions which invite new opportunities that embrace your heart and soul with pure loving energy.

learn to love yourself for when you truly love who you are you live with greater freedom as you create more lightness in your life.

seek to create and live in joy for it is through positive thought and action that we attract love and make ours a richer more fulfilling life of continuous happiness.

with compassionate understanding happily look forward and you will see portals of transformation which open to personal greatness as they inspire you to achieve your hearts desires.

we are stars in the universe and with every smile, act of kindness and show of compassion we plant seeds of greatness in the cosmos that blossom into flowers of divine light and sacred beauty.

know that you are blessed with empowering inner beauty and by showing gratitude for this sacred gift you create moments of pure connection which breathe life into your dreams and desires.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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