Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Smile of Acceptance and a Passion for Life

a smile of acceptance and a passion for life are beautiful gifts we give to the world when we embody the divine and surrender to love.

awaken inspired by the knowledge that you are a servant of spirit whose soul mission is to engage and enlighten while on a blossoming journey of love divine.

soul knowledge creates lightness of being which sparks the energy within and changes our life forever.

a life filled with joy begins with radical self acceptance. believe in yourself. embrace your divine essence. love who you are. a life filled with light begins with compassion and wisdom.

reverence for the path reveals our deepest spiritual gifts which opens us to a life of healing and wellness which cleanses and blesses.

lead with spirit as you reach beyond your reality as this will allow you to discover your truth that you may dwell in the beauty of your sacred self.

radical self love gives us greater insight and clarity that we may see before us shamanic pathways which lead to spiritual and emotional health and inspire us to create positive change in the world.

warm yourself by the fire within and let its light inspire in you a love of the beautiful as this will guide you toward a destiny of divine revelations that lead to more vibrant living.

you are blessed with wisdom and empowering energies which will change your life when you truly believe in yourself. let the first words you speak this morning be to yourself and let them be - I believe in you!

authentic self expression illuminates the shadows that we may see our true beauty and step into our purpose.

positive thought if unleashed inspires sacred actions which create life changing opportunities where you see your own light as you experience deep healing.

explore your true essence and you will discover within a spiritually uplifting place of beauty and power that will transform your life.

you have the power to transform. you have within you universal life energy. yours is a life designed to benefit the spirit. awaken into life. be aware of the positive vibrations within. you have the power to transform. change is a choice. what are you waiting for - choose!

the person who has the most powerful impact on your life is you. set a positive example by being the best you possible. to live your highest self is to truly love yourself.

live in the light of the hearts wisdom as this will breathe spirit into your life allowing your divine essence to flow freely in realms of loving bliss.

we are constantly evolving and when we acknowledge the sacred as our guide we venture inwards to a place of deeper knowing where we learn the truth of just how beautiful a being of love and light we are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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