Friday, May 20, 2016

O Peaceful Spirit let me Embrace the Light

o peaceful spirit let me embrace the light that i may know your beauty and live my truth in a way that celebrates the miracle and magick of my sacred self.

you are on an evolutionary journey of high vibrational energy that is uplifting and empowering and if you look deep within your heart you will see your magnificence and yours will become a rich and rewarding path of love.

make soulful decisions that promote well being and your life will transform, for a more holistic approach allows us to enter our own heart and see the beauty of a love most profound.

you attract the highest good when you embrace your mysteries as this honors the spirit in you and makes life a magickal experience of sacred guidance and divine insight.

a spiritually enlightening world of peace and pleasure is possible if we immerse ourselves in transformative light and dedicate our life to a path of love where we grow and evolve with every step.

express your true self as this will release your spiritual power allowing you to experience the beauty and revelations of the light within.

when our choices are expressions of gratitude we create pathways of spirit which lead to greater happiness and we discover answers that help us make this a more beautiful world.

beyond this life is a place of serenity where our intuitive and empathic energies illuminate the way that we may be the powerful spiritual being that we truly are. let this be the day you reach beyond this reality and discover your divine glory.

when we accept and believe just how special we are we begin to experience our own bliss and our path becomes one of outstanding contributions that make a positive difference.

express your divinity and share the beauty of your sacred self for yours is a fascinating life story and you are a miracle whose essence inspires.

we begin to experience joy when we engage in empowering relationships that are spiritually beneficial as this is the foundation for a happy enlightened life.

enter into the sacred by making life honoring choices as this will create a higher awareness which will release the love and healing energy within.

venture inward for it is there that you will discover a luminous energy field which will guide you to a compassionate environment of evolving consciousness and enlightening experiences.

be a follower of the light as this will create sacred relationships of greater happiness that inspire you to be the beautiful being of love that you truly are.

experiential activities which guide us to higher dimensions create holistic wellness and lead us to a peaceful place of true fulfillment.

look deep within and explore your unique spiritual blueprint as doing so will give you an enriched understanding of your true self and inspire you to assist others on their path as you illuminate your own journey with the divine light of your sacred essence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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