Thursday, May 05, 2016

Walk a Path of Beauty that is both Blissful and Joyful

share your radiant spirit as this is a deeply restorative experience that will bring the insightful and enlightening energies within to the surface allowing you to discover your greatness and walk a path of beauty that is both blissful and joyful.

we experience the beauty of the healing vibrations within when we embrace who we really are with sacred self acceptance as transforming the world begins by loving yourself first and then sharing that love with others.

live a sacred existence of balance and harmony by opening yourself fully to the divine touch of spirit as this will bring you closer to people that you may inspire each other with kindness and compassion.

spiritual activities create momentous events that light your life by enhancing the flow of energy within that you may express your divinity and serve all you meet.

you bless the world with your light and love for you are a sacred being with transformative powers who is living a life of meaning.

greet each moment with love. greet each step along your path with prayer and reflection. channel positive energy from within and share its light with the world. you are a wise and wonderful being and in that instance when you realize your magnificence you will become spiritually enlightened and the treasures of the universe will be your sacred reward.

be true to yourself and the loving vibrations within will provide the sustenance needed for your spirit to help you make yours a more beautiful world.

the rewards are great for those who live their love by sharing its truth and beauty in the deepest most sacred ways.

every time you seek to guide and empower others you reinvent yourself and life becomes clearer and more positive.

let compassion toward yourself be your divine purpose for by loving yourself you give the soul what it craves as you illuminate the beauty and richness of your heart.

life is a miraculous gift that invokes inspiration when we embrace and express ourselves in a manner that helps us evolve positively along the way.

exist in the moment with the knowledge that within you are beautiful sacred spaces and each of those spaces has a doorway to the miraculous. to open the doorway you need only to love and believe in yourself. knock, knock, let yourself in.

embrace the essential transformational energy within for it speaks an alchemical language that will lead you to landscapes of of love where extraordinary experiences bathed in light will bring you home to the heaven of your destiny.

it takes great courage to open your heart and by doing so you allow the fullness of the universe to hold you close and guide you to a love that is beautiful and sacred.

a deep desire to help others is a blessing of illumination and transformation which we gift ourselves with that creates magickal and miraculous experiences.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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