Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Life In Service To The Heart

a life in service to the heart creates a hope for the future that instills light and fosters love in those touched by its brilliance and beauty.

it is by practicing loving kindness that we become beings of sacred truth who shine radiantly and connect to the divine.

let yours be an affirmation based existence where positive thoughts and actions set an example that inspires everyone you meet to live their life for the good of all beings.

a healthy environment is one which we create when we embrace truth with an open mind and heart for within our truth is a fully awakened life of love.

a deep fulfilling relationship with your true self bathed in the beauty of spirit will make yours a devotional journey where sacred experiences help you have a transformational impact on your life and the lives of all blessed to be touched by your greatness.

when we embrace our divine essence we change how we experience the world and life becomes a sacred journey of great beauty.

the energy of the divine is yours when you see life through the souls perspective. it is the clarity of all that is sacred that will make yours a joy filled journey of light and love.

when you embrace your magnificent self you liberate the spirit that it may soar to celestial realms as you inspire your heart and soul to live with more joy.

be more generous with yourself by opening yourself to receive the sacred and celestial gifts of spirit and soul which reside within.

a purpose driven life of positive intention cultivates higher awareness and creates harmony within which inspires us to live our life for the good of all.

bliss and harmony are the rewar ds for having a positive relationship with yourself. when we truly love and respect who we are life becomes a beautiful journey to what is sacred.

open your mind and heart to pure love as this will lead you to landscapes of limitless possibilities where you may live a spiritual life in powerful and positive ways.

a fully realized life of mindful self compassion where you experience the extraordinary is something you create when you explore alternate realities for there are magick and miracles waiting to be discovered within both visible and invisible worlds.

a vibrant productive existence is one of deep levels of inspiration where you love, honor, respect and believe in just how special a soul you are.

surprise yourself by using your transformative healing powers to change your life for you are a being of greater kindness whose gift is a love that cleanses the heart and soul.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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