Thursday, April 21, 2016

Walking A Path Of Conscious Transformation

the universe around you is one of magickal possibilities and by living in its light and walking a path of conscious transformation you will find greater fulfillment as you make this world a better place.

the luminous healing energy of the joy within is powerful and by immersing yourself in its sacred beauty your passion for helping others increases and your true spiritual nature is revealed.

explore self awareness for the more aware you are of just how magnificent and beautiful a being you are the better your life will be.

live from the heart for within the heart are tools for self discovery that will guide you to a place of balance and wholeness where you will make the important changes necessary to create a destiny of truth, beauty and spirit.

pursue your soul purpose by planting seeds of love for from this extraordinary experiences will blossom into being in which you help yourself and others into the light.

direct your evolution in a way that shines your light and heightens self awareness as this will bless your life by inspiring you to become a better you.

your true life purpose is to open yourself to your sacred truth for the moment you realize and accept that yours is a meanigful existence your life becomes a beautiful journey of mystical experiences and miraculous enlightenment.

you are a natural healer and when you believe in yourself and share those gifts you further your spiritual growth as you evolve your soul and spirit.

positive people unite and together let us dance in the light of who we truly are for we are beings of love from a higher source born to change the world.

the essence of life is filled with messages from other realms, awareness of angels and holistic wellness for those who embrace their existence with a commitment to live their highest and greatest good.

devote yourself to personal transformation and the winds of spirit will embrace you with ancient truth and sacred wisdom that you may be a powerful facilitator of light and love.

look at life through the eyes of possibility and see with clarity the natural flow of energy for when we see the sacred nature of the world around us we realize its deep spiritual significance ours becomes a life filled with love.

the beauty of life if revered and respected will motivate and inspire you to venture along a road of empowering adventures where everything is a sacred gift of great metaphysical meaning.

communicate with your spirit and it will guide you to create a brighter future filled with love and self worth where your choices have tremendous transformative benefits.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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