Thursday, April 07, 2016

Beautiful Moments And Blissful Experiences

embrace your truest and highest self as doing so will amplify your sacredness and make your path one of beautiful moments and blissful experiences.

you are on a divine mission which if nurtured and nourished in personally meaningful ways will create a soulful conversation that connects your life energy to this universe and beyond.

the tools you need to make the positive life transitions necessary to be happy are waiting within for you to open your heart and soul as doing so will set them free and welcome you home.

deep loving relationships create a healing source of light that guides us to a place of deeper understanding where we may live joyfully as we elevate the world.

it is by balancing our life that we become a catalyst for change and ours becomes an adventure of inner strength and knowing in which we feel more aware and alive.

discover and experience the message within for it is one of truth and beauty that will inspire and encourage you to be happy and thrive.

our experiences and perceptions change when we seek to help others heal as doing so creates a new reality that serves as a sacred source of empowerment which guides us to our true spiritual essence.

make your life better now by speaking the language of the light for it is when we speak with our sacred voice that ours becomes a heart centered path of empowerment and enlightenment.

make yours a path free of limitations and you will deepen and strengthen you sacred spirit in ways that promote change and inspire transformation.

positive and profound changes come to us when we accept the angelic blessings that are our birthright and live each breath as the beautiful gift that it is.

each of us in our own way are blessed beings filled with illuminating information which if allowed to flow into the world will bring us a spiritual maturity that will change our life and the lives of others in a profound way.

i am on a unique sacred journey inspired by spirit where the powers of the universe fill my soul with divine healing energy that i may live my life as a miracle of light.

immerse yourself in the energy of love and yours will be a life of absolute empowerment and rewarding revelations where you to live in harmony with the universe.

follow your inner guidance to places of light and you will make spiritual connections that will guide you through a world of discovery where you find greater love.

when we embrace the positive and the good we learn and grow in ways that powerfully impact others thereby leading us to a more joyous life that blesses the earth with love.

you are meant to shine. immerse yourself in positive self worth. bathe in the waters of belief. dance in the sunlight of your sacred truth. live the miracle of your divine essence. you are meant to shine.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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