Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Heart Centered Approach To Life

a heart centered approach to life attracts karmic relationships which help you to grow by making every step you take a sacred experience which inspires the world around you.

move forward in love and you will be blessed with transformative insights that release your unique natural energy and facilitate sacred healing.

every moment is an opportunity for self healing and by creating a sacred space that is peaceful and uplifting you turn that opportunity into a divine reality.

focus your attention inward for there you will find a meaningful message of light and love that will speak to you in a sacred language of transformation that will lead you to a life in kinship with all things divine and beautiful.

exciting new experiences await those whose path is a sacred circle of love that helps people heal themselves for they are messengers of light who are born of beauty and truth.

you are a beautiful spiritual being born to live for a higher purpose and do those sacred things which make the heart sing.

let positive thought and action impact your choices that you may uplift your energy and live in harmony with the universe.

we are holy and if we awaken and become more aware of our divinity we open ourself to the wonderful lessons life has to offer which inspires us to create more joy.

celestial forces are everywhere and by immersing ourself in their sacred beauty we create metaphysical thoughts and actions which attract the highest good as they spiritualize our life.

when we as beings of light use our blessings to illuminate the truth we inspire each other in a way that manifests personal completeness.

go beyond your boundaries and you will discover a whole new world where you see your beauty and speak to your higher self while being embraced by the energy of life.

open yourself fully to the power of your heart and with loving care express your thoughts and feelings in a way that awakens your abilities and enriches your spirit for you a gift from the universe to be cherished and shared.

you are beautiful and unique. create your own destiny and make it one where you see every moment as an opportunity to serve and where with every choice a new world unfolds.

a spiritual sense of self will focus and ground you in ways that move you to walk a path in harmony with yourself where moments are miracles to be embraced and shared.

journey beyond the norm to a place of light where miracles abound and you will be given thought provoking lessons which will inspire you to devote your life to helping people with your sacred and natural healing gifts and abilities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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