Thursday, March 31, 2016

Make Life Changing Choices

it is when i truly looked within that i saw the sacred and transformational healing energy of my essence and was empowered to make life changing choices which inspired intuitive intelligence that in turn would lead me to the light.

i am on a dedicated spiritual path where i live each moment with deep gratitude, compassion and understanding as i approach every day as an opportunity to serve others.

be who you were born to be and yours will be a life of limitless healing possibilities where you touch the heavens as you experience more joy and pleasure.

it is by embracing our divinity and allowing ourself to be touched in an intuitive way that we begin to create and manifest a sacred life of beauty where we traverse terrains of ethereal light as we make our way home to the glory of who we truly are.

change the quality of your life by releasing the magick within you and it will open sacred gateways allowing spirit and soul to come together making yours a positive and profound existence of compassion, kindness and self love.

create a loving atmosphere where you share yourself with others that they may experience the joyful vibrancy of your true nature as they learn that you are something extraordinary.

embrace the truth that there is something much greater coming your way and yours will be a journey of beautiful experiences in which your days are blessed with tremendous gifts that are profoundly life altering.

when we seek to make ours a journey through realms of spirituality we live an inspired life that encompasses our divinity and guides us to a place of ecstatic transformation.

let yours be a path which encompasses your divinity for you are a being of love whose sacred destiny is to live your light and be a great benefit to all.

yours is an ongoing incarnation of remarkable gentleness which if nurtured will make you an open hearted presence that inspires compassionate communication and unconditional love.

do that which expresses love and you create an atmosphere immersed in realms of spirit which allows you to discover and celebrate your divine self as you live your truth bathed in a universe of possibilities.

celebrate your true nature by living more spiritually as you enrich and enhance your life with love and respect.

loving and living are the same thing. it is when we immerse ourself in this reality that the divine within reveals itself and we become true beings of light.

embody a message of love and let yours be an adventure of discovery where you channel your higher self as you walk a path that nurtures the soul of who you are.

et your sacred essence and natural empowerment guide you on a spiritual journey where you discover new things which inspire your life and serve you well.

more heavenly worlds await those who see with clarity that the most beautiful sacred place is within and that by accepting and acknowledging their greatness they open themselves to a multitude of miracles and divine realities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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