Thursday, March 03, 2016

Birth Into Spirit

with compassionate clarity birth into spirit a new world which leads into the light of love for you are a sacred being and your destiny is one of inspiration and revelation.

when we look deep within and experience what makes us so beautiful we are able see our outer world realities with greater clarity and ours becomes a journey along healing pathways of collective transformation.

know that every moment is a precious opportunity to discover the beauty of this world and beyond. with every breath possibilities exist which are wondrously exciting. believe in the miracle of your existence and yours will be a destiny of divine light and sacred love.

life is filled with messages of love and the more thankful we are the greater will be our spiritual awareness for the impact of gratitude is such as to envelope our existence with energies and insights that guide us to true empowerment and enlightenment.

true empowerment and greater levels of love echo through the soul and by taking a personal inner journey in which we embrace our blessings we receive transformational spiritual rewards.

open yourself to spirit and make yours a life of soul centered priorities as this will lead you to a joy filled life of awe inspiring beauty and uplifting experiences.

spiritual activities cleanse the soul, create positive loving energy and empower future growth. so walk on fire, beat that drum and dance under the moon as you become who you truly are.

through positive thought we invoke the divine. through positive action we activate the sacred. see the possibilities which live within the positive and you will see the glory of existence as yours becomes a path of angelic connections and ethereal celebrations.

be a positive and uplifting love minded soul and you will evolve into spirit in miraculous ways as you grow into the greatness and glory of your true and sacred self.

ours is a changing world and we are beings of transformation. immerse yourself in change with the knowledge that growth comes from belief. it is by believing in yourself and the world around you that will change the moment and transform the future.

it is important that you tend to your spirit as doing so will create greater self realization and inspire you to make healthier life choices as you discover your exceptional and sacred gifts.

share your blessings with others for you are a beautiful vessel of pure light whose alive and inspired essence can change lives in ways that embrace the soul with love.

it is important to understand yourself better for when you know who you truly are that spiritual truth will guide you with love to a place of encouragement and empowerment where you may use your profound appreciation for your sacred self as a foundation from which you may build a vital life of miracles and magick.

when you come to the realization that you are blessed by angels the light in your heart will illuminate a path to a heaven of your own creation that has been waiting for you to make your way home.

when we balance our energy we tap into our destiny and open ourself to angelic guidance that we may grow spiritually and live sacredly.

the flow of your destiny dictates that you are one who was born to bring light to others and in doing so create a path of loving energy where insights are limitless and transformation is in every step.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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