Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Path Inspired By Angels

may ours be a path inspired by angels where we walk hand in hand through dimensions of spirit where every moment is an expression of pure consciousness that enriches the soul and where all thrive and flourish in the love and light of a better tomorrow.

when you truly believe in yourself you create an extraordinary life of sacred moments centered on the divine where joy and inner peace are gifts and blessings you give yourself and others.

wholeheartedly believe in who you are and yours will be a sacred life of the highest good which leaves a positive imprint on all of humanity.

unravel the secrets of the soul and you will discover a path of beauty and magick which will guide you to a place of profound change and ethereal transformation.

when we are loving and supportive we manifest a new reality where we inspire others to communicate with kindness and live their lives in a sacred and compassionate way.

we all have the capacity to transform and by looking within and using the miraculous tools we were born with we can shape the world around us in loving ways that enlighten.

we are each of in our own way angels and guides and by living this truth we open portals of spirit that will take us to higher dimensions of harmony where the purpose and intention of all is to live a life of love.

beautiful beings of light with love and blessings let us walk through fields of spirit as we touch the heart of humanity and raise the vibration of every soul that we may create an ethereal existence of bliss and beauty.

radiant emanations are released from your soul every day for you are an energetic being and by immersing yourself in the beauty of this sacred truth you allow your divinity to flow in a way that will open your heart and transform your world.

know that yours is a blossoming heart and that by sharing its love and highest vibration you make profound connections which awaken your humanity and encourage you to become more empowered.

live with gratitude and appreciation for the light of creation is shining down upon you and by elevating your awareness with thoughts and beliefs which are in service to the sacred you will touch the heavens with your heart as your spirit soars.

embrace your divinity by living more spiritually for you are a metaphysical masterpiece born of love meant to shine your light on the world that all may see and experience the beauty of your existence.

do everything with love and you will discover the real you. the sacred gift of life blesses us with abundant joy when we live our love and embrace our true and sacred self.

when we make loving choices the essence of our spirit creates for us more divine experiences which immerse us in beauty, harmony and extraordinary insights that we may transform and transcend to our sacred place in the heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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