Thursday, March 17, 2016

Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Life

you have extraordinary power and if you so choose you can be a channel of love and light whose highly transformational essence will liberate and empower that you may appreciate the beauty of your life as it takes you on an unforgettable journey of spiritual progression and divine ascension.

reverence and respect for yourself is a gift that reaches deep inside and wraps the soul in waves of love that are inspiring and beneficial.

you are a mystical being and a beautiful gifted soul. let yours be a welcoming atmosphere where all may come and experience the glory and greatness of who you truly are.

comfort and soothe you mind, body and soul with the pure positive energy and courage within for you are an angel on earth and once you spread your wings you will discover that anything is possible.

to dedicate your life to being a caring and loving person is to bless and heal the heart of yourself and others as you discover and embrace happiness on all levels.

miracles are for everyone and once you accept that you are an amazingly gifted and soulfully inspired being of light you will see them all around you and you will attract them into your heart.

the light of hope illuminates a path of clear direction to those with the strength to rise above their struggles and see that they can create amazing life changes which make a positive contribution to the world.

extraordinary transformations occur when we believe in and accept the insightful spiritual guidance that lives within the soul of who we truly are.

growth and evolution are blessings we gift ourself with by filling our heart and soul with faith as we seek to live a happy joyful life.

with an intention to empower immerse yourself in the possibilities of choice and yours will be a deeply healing journey of light and love for you are an incredible blessing and you are far more powerful than you know.

with courage and perseverance walk along a path of spiritually guided ways and you will connect to your purpose as you make your way to a positive and peaceful state of being.

open your heart and believe. by believing in yourself you become a source of inspiration that lights the way for others.

the second you realize that there is something greater than yourself you begin down a path of empowering positive change and complete well being as your quality of life ascends into a place both inspirational and uplifting where your magickal soul dances in the light of love.

every day we are immersed in holistic experiences which help us grow and expand. we just have to realize they are there and embrace the moments for the beautiful gifts that they are.

within each soul is a temple of light and when we pray at its altar we unearth the divine.

when we share the beauty within we help heal others and facilitate positive change as our life becomes a loving message of transformational energy and divine illumination.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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