Friday, March 25, 2016

A Blessing Given To Us By The Universe

love of life is a blessing given to us by the universe when we are willing to explore our spiritual realities in a way that evolves our understanding of self and makes us aware of our sacred truth and divine perfection.

you have spirituality abilities that bring light to the world when you walk a path that supports positivity.

there are many realms of existence and by allowing the vibration of light within to guide us we can explore those realities in a way that celebrates our calling and honors our path.

we walk in a more joyful direction when we utilize our gifts to touch the soul of others in beautiful and harmonic ways.

be who you were born to be. a completely unique higher level being who is spiritually minded that walks in fields of energy and light while making their every step a meaningful message of love.

open yourself mind, body and spirit to the sacred beauty of your divine existence and your path will be one nourished by spirit where you are transformed and empowered by the love that flows into your life.

a simple smile can touch people in profound ways. it can be the spiritual stimulation that uplifts and captivates as it infuses you with positive energy. it can bring sacred insight and heavenly light to any situation. a simple smile can change the world.

swim with me in metaphysical waters and let the magickal spiritual inspiration of its essence wash away our our troubles that we may see with clarity the love and beauty that surrounds us every day of our life.

ours becomes a spiritually connected life when we open ourself to the power of the universe and let it guide us along eclectic pathways of light where we may walk on sacred ground to places of peace and freedom.

celebrate your path by allowing your thoughts and actions to be an inspiration to yourself and others that all may feel the love and experience the light of who you are.

when you dream into existence those divine desires that that enliven the heart and elevate the soul you create a positive ripple effect which brings people together and leads us all to higher spiritual realms.

we are born with gifts and when we use those gifts in service to those in need we achieve a higher state of wellness and ours becomes a life of sacred purpose.

a holistic healing approach to life in which you embody spirituality will guide you on a journey where exploration of self shows you just how divinely gifted you are as it teaches you ways to bring light and inspire love.

when you communicate with your higher self the radiant energy of the heavens rewards you with sacred opportunities for growth that you may blossom into the beauty of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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