Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cultivate Deep Peace

devotion to spirit enables you to cultivate deep peace and inspires you to lead a fulfilling life of infinite wisdom where you come into greater awareness as you fill the soul with metaphysical messages of beauty and truth which transform.

inhale the magick of your true self for you are a universal and divine being of love enriched by the light of the sacred.

we become a magnet for miracles when we embody our energy and use its positive force to impact lives in ways that inspire and transform.

you create your destiny and if you so choose you can make your life a breathtaking journey of brilliance and magnificence where wishes are choices and dreams are realities.

you are an energizing force whose essence embraces the heart of the world and by using your infinite spirit in joyous ways you open yourself to beautiful moments and divine miracles.

awaken and connect to a magnificent future by inviting the sacred into your life and dedicating yourself to cultivating spiritual growth.

know that you are a divine creation on a spiritually elevating and experiential journey to the heaven that is your blessed birthright and the love that is your sacred destiny.

we are awakening souls and oracles of light. open yourself to the glory of your true nature for it is when we accept that we are born enlightened that we help ourself and others move forward.

within you flows positive energy and by believing in yourself you release that energy which allows the world to see and experience just how wonderful you are.

listen to the free spirited and joyful voice of aliveness for it will guide you to places of beauty and magick where you will be embraced by spiritual discoveries and transcendent experiences.

explore new territory for it is when we are courageous enough to reach beyond our boundaries and live outside our comfort zone that we begin to come alive in sacred ways and live the life our soul intended.

connect deeper with yourself and you will discover a direct path to healing where powerful truths will ignite your inner spirit that you may know your beauty and live your love.

reverence and respect for your sacred aliveness will create transformational experiences that open the heart and soul to the beauty and blessings that surround you.

with angelic support create a sacred space for yourself and others where you may gather as one and investigate spiritual worlds as you explore your sacred essence in wondrous ways.

yours is a life of experiential learning and authentic self expression. embrace all with the beauty and wisdom that you have been blessed with and move forward toward a future of divine bliss.

make yours a spiritually oriented life where the angels shine through and you walk a sacred path to places of light that heal the whole person and let the world know that you have something special to share with others.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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