Thursday, February 18, 2016

Manifest A Love Of Humanity

if you see yourself and the divine as one you will manifest a love of humanity which will guide you to a place of well being where miracles abound. it is there you will make soul connections that illuminate the god and goddess within allowing you to live your divinity in a manner befitting such a beautiful being of light.

a positive holistic approach to life and a compassionate heart will create a spiritual emergence that will light the way for healing and transformation that you may be the being of love and light that is your birthright.

listen to heartbeat of the earth and you will hear a song of creation filled with profound messages of hope that will guide you to places of grace, glory and greatness where you may live your divinity in a state of bliss.

love of the earth, a positive sense of purpose and a greater understanding of our divine nature are blessings we may give ourself that will transform our life for the better.

yours is a pilgrimage to the sacred and by seeing your personal spiritual path as one filled with opportunities to share your beauty with the world you open gateways to new realities and portals to new dimensions.

use your unique gifts and true divine nature to create and cultivate profoundly life altering experiences which inspire spirit and soul to make their way home to the light.

use the energy around you to direct the outcome into a blessing of love and healing for you are the creator of your karma and master of your existence.

experiential spiritual activities create opportunities for change. walk on fire, sing a song, dance in the moonlight, beat your drum, laugh yourself happy and love yourself blissfully...

if you nurture your divine essence and nourish your sacred self you will discover that you are walking in balance with positive intention to a world of conscious awareness and ethereal light.

activate the soul as by doing so you will empower yourself and your true nature will guide you faithfully along a path of compassionate dedication where you may serve yourself and others in ways sacred and divine.

speak to the spirit and it will share with you amazing and insightful information which will open you to the infinite possibilities within allowing you to make your way to a divine state of bliss.

be passionate about your life and celebrate your humanity by empowering and guiding others that they too may know and experience the true beauty of their existence.

listen closely and you will hear messages from the spirit world that will open doorways leading to positively productive places which facilitate sacred healing and transformation.

explore and investigate luminous pathways of spirit and you will discover your divinity as you help yourself and others feel better.

a life approached with compassion is one that enhances our journey with experiences that help us heal.

you are a uniquely powerful person and the light of your spirit is such that it embraces your sacred self as it nurtures your existence and enlightens your soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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