Thursday, February 04, 2016

You Are A Unique Contribution To The Universe

you are a unique contribution to the universe with divine healing powers and by celebrating the beauty of your existence you further your spiritual development as you illuminate your highest path.

explore the energies around you as doing so will open you to higher realms where messages from beyond will guide you to places of light where souls sing and lives transform.

we grow and thrive as spiritual souls when we use our heart centered wisdom to define who we are thereby making our path one of mystical awakenings and miraculous times.

liberate yourself by unleashing your inner power for you are a being of light who is destined for great things.

compassionate and empowering are those blessed souls who speak the language of light for theirs is a world where visions of joy and the riches of spirit dance freely in the sunlight of their magnificence.

spiritually nourish yourself with beliefs and feelings which allow you to live in a sacred way that you may truly experience the wonders of life.

immerse yourself in the transformational as doing so will bless your journey with love and light thereby allowing your sacred radiance to shine for all the world to see.

a powerful authentic life is a gift we give to ourself by being who we are meant to be. celebrate who you are and live the truth of your existence in a manner befitting a beautiful being of grace and glory.

cultivate a new way of thinking and divine your own answers as you are an inspiring and life changing soul with the ability to manifest absolute joy and make dreams come true.

there is magick in this life. around and within us there are mysteries that will be revealed when we acknowledge and accept that we are unique and powerful beings of light. live your truth and let the magick guide you to your sacred destiny.

awaken to your divine nature and accept your true calling for you are a being of heart based love born to connect to higher dimensions and change the world.

listen closely and you will hear the whispers of the soul which will enhance your life with messages of spirit that will embrace you with greater understanding and transformative knowing that you may go forward with a clarity that inspires greatness.

heal your heart by being more open to life for it is much easier to let things go when the doors are open and our soul is set free.

this is a place of sacred living and by living life fully you bless your path with a source of power which will allow you to experience clarity that you may see the true beauty of your existence and revel in the truth that you are unique and amazing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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