Thursday, January 28, 2016

Light With Me The Flame Of Awareness

light with me the flame of awareness. weave with me the extraordinary. create with me a place of profound understanding where the soul finds peace. discovery and transformation are things which we manifest when we make positive life affirming choices. soar with me to a higher state of being.

if we as messengers of light embrace the wisdom within each of us we will manifest mindful change for everyone has a gift to share and by doing so we will reach a higher state of being where inner and outer happiness is ours.

a deep appreciation and respect for your true self will elevate you that you may heal in profound ways and begin to live the beauty of your existence in a manner which befits a being of divine light.

let ours be an illuminated journey along mystical pathways which lead to positive experiences that inspire us to make ours a kinder more compassionate world where all people are loved, honored and respected.

angelic is the voice of our soul for its gentle nature carries us to a heaven within where we may light the fire of love and live our truth with hope and happiness as our companions.

meaningful prayer helps us to manifest authentic spiritual living by coming into awareness and once we are aware we are better able to venture into the beauty that is our birthright.

i choose this and every day to live with spiritual integrity and approach life in a meaningful way as i bring divine light to others by sharing my powerful and affirming message of love.

one of the most powerful things we can do is be kind toward others for kindness is the blessing that changes lives in ways that make this world a better place.

in this moment embrace the truth that your thoughts and intentions will guide you toward transcendence that you may watch yourself grow as you live your magickal adventure.

illuminate your path with gratitude and compassion and you will serve your vision as you change the world.

commit to your life for doing so will open doorways to enlightenment that you may discover through open hearted awareness that there is something greater within and that you are the blessing you have been waiting for.

may ours be a path of mindful practices where we aspire to wholeness as we motivate ourselves by focusing on the well being of others and serving the highest good.

allow the essence of the universe to bring you happiness. allow the heavens to inspire you to create your own beliefs. allow the other realms and dimensions to accelerate your spiritual growth. life improves exponentially when we allow ourself those things that we deserve.

we are remarkable individuals of great power who can change the world by believing in who we are and living our truth in a way that inspires the spirit and elevates the soul.

there is a deep sacred space of divine empowerment that is always calling us from the other side and when we listen and truly hear we will discover the beauty and bliss that awaits us.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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