Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Life Of Enriching And Enlightening Experiences

immerse yourself in the gifts you were born with for it is there you will discover the essence of love and yours will become a path of choices from the heart which make you spiritually strong and guide you to a life of rich and enlightening experiences.

listen to yourself for listening rejuvenates the soul. listen to yourself and the message will lead you to beautiful experiences. listen to yourself and you will travel through this world and beyond. listen!

consciousness is shifting and if you listen closely you will hear the heavens singing for we are on the cusp of a miracle so beautiful as to transform this world into the paradise it is meant to be.

embrace your spiritual nature for you are a servant of the light and by living your truth you experience greater joy and yours becomes a journey to other worlds where love is your guide.

yours is a unique life path and by choosing what is good you unleash the happiness within and open the gates of grace and glory that you may live your beauty with a smile on your soul.

may we go beyond awakening to a place of awareness and action where divine healing energy guides us to a life of openness and love.

our spirit and humanity blesses and empowers. dance with me in joyous delight in the glow of the celestial transcendence of our true sacred self.

light the sacred fire within and you will feel more energized and alive. the fire within is filled with insightful messages and by following their guidance you will encounter the mystical as you are embraced by the divine.

share the true beauty of who you are and yours will be a path of transformative experiences that offer spiritual guidance and raise the vibrations of others while enhancing their existence.

you have a unique purpose in life and if you use that purpose to build a bridge of love you will serve the highest good in a way that facilitates divine bliss.

use your gifts to assist others that they may find their way to a place of enlightened living and in turn use their blessings to inspire and elevate others.

gentle and beautiful are we who emit light from within in a way that expands perceptions and illuminates the heart of the divine.

connect to the earth and yours will be a path toward healing in which you radiate a light that guides you to mystical experiences that transform your life.

the purest of intentions will create spiritual solutions of light and inspiration that will lead you to the altar of love.

embrace life with a spiritual focus and positive affirmations. by making choices that enrich and empower we connect with our energy in ways ancient and sacred that honor and celebrate the whole self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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