Friday, March 16, 2012

My Soul Has Wings

On this Beautiful Morn let us Gather as One and Create the Future. A Future of Sacred Knowledge and Possibilities. A Future of Peace, Freedom and Liberation. A Future of Friendliness and Goodwill. Let us Shout to the Heavens the Glory of our Creation. We are Bathed in Warmth and Life. We are Connected to each other by our Souls. We are the Greatest Gift the Universe has ever seen. On this most Lovely of Days let us Join together in Kindness and Create a Brighter Future, a Better World and an Eternity of Love amongst all People.

Dance with me in a Ritual of Love that Inspires every Being on Earth to Celebrate the Miracle of Life.

The Heart is a place of Beauty and Bliss. It brings Radiance into the World. The Heart Inspires Poets to write and Artists to Paint. It offers Goodness to the World. The Heart is an Eternal Blessing which opens the Soul and moves the Spirit. I give to you my Heart as a Divine offering of Awareness and Enlightenment. I Love You.

When you wake this morning Walk with the Angels and they will Guide you to a Day of Sunshine and Serenity. We are surrounded by Angels. Every Child, every Flower, every Tree, every Friend, every Stranger and every person we Love is an Angel. Walk with me my Angel and we will place Heaven in the Hearts of all we meet.

We Shine the Brightest when we Celebrate how Beautiful we are. We are the Light of God and the Glory of Goddess. Life is meant for us to Live and Love. We are Miracles and Happiness is a Choice we can make every Moment of every day. Share your Beauty and Live your Light.

I Delight in the Discovery of the Miracle of Love and I am Serenely Aware. Gently and Gracefully I Sprinkle the Spirit World with Kisses and Kindness. I traverse a Multitude of Universes in search of a Beauty so Profound as to Evolve into Light. Mine is a Loving and Diverse Community where Laughter and Joy are that which Enlightens and Enlivens. Dwelling within my Heart is the Wisdom of every Life i have Lived. I am The Ancient One.

On the Outskirts of my Soul is a Reality which will Change your way of Thinking for it is there that the Embrace of Life waits to Hold you close and say I Love You.

mY sOuL HaS wInGs tHaT i mAy fLy tO tHe oPeN sPiRiTual cOmMuNiTy wItHiN mY HeArT wHeRe LoVe iS thE tRuTh, BeAuTy aNd LiGhT wHiCh WiLl LeAd mE To GoD.

We are Gods and Goddesses on a Magickal Adventure of Mystical Experiences which will Transform us into Divinity. Let us Pray!

May we Create a Warm and Loving Environment of Pure Intention. May we Learn how to Live Spiritually in Earths Sacred Embrace. May we Build a new World of Passionate Intuition and Profound Love. Yes We May!

You are a Blessed Creation. A Beautiful sight that touches the Soul. Yours is a Holy Heart which Serenades the Universe with a Symphony of Love. Every Breath is an Opportunity to Experience the Infinite Light and Eternal Joy of Heaven on Earth. You are Life. A Life that will Rise as you fully Awaken. A Life that is Sacred and Profound. You are a Blessed Creation.

Life is Precious. Embrace every Moment with Love and let your Spirit be your Guide. Be Vividly Alive and Live the Joy that is your Birthright. Life is Precious and So Are You.

Let me be at Peace. Let me walk the Earth in Friendship. Let me Share the Beauty of my Soul and Majesty of my Spirit. Let me live my Truth and Honour my Existence. Let me Embrace the Light as i Journey to Paradise. Let me know Love in everything i do. Let me Live.

Fell the Sun that Shines within my Heart and Warms the Soul. Feel the Moon that Glows within my Spirit and Guides me to Landscapes of Love. Feel the Rainbow that is my Essence for there you will find Treasures to Cherish. Feel my Happiness as i reach out my Hand in Friendship. FEEL!

My Soul is an Ocean of Love that Empowers the Spirit and Connects with the Divine. Sail with me on an Amazing Journey of Light to the Sweet Embrace of Heaven.

Radiant Spirit you are Loved. You are the Flower that Blossoms within and Inspires my every Thought. You are the Fruit of Wisdom which Nourishes me. You are Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Radiant Spirit I Love You. You are a Sacred Blessing. You are that which allows Love and Joy to flow into my Life. You are a Poetic Expression of the Glory of God and Goddess. You are Who I Am. You are the Divine in All. You are the Miracle of Life. Radiant Spirit you are Loved.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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