Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Soul is a Poem

Be Spiritually Fit. Exercise your Soul and Create Miraculous Results. Walk in Awareness of the Beauty of the Natural World. Swim in the Oceans of Spirit. Spiritual Health and Happiness are what occurs when we have an active Mind, Body and Soul. Dance in the Limitless Light of the Dreams that Guide You. Climb the Mountain of Divine Energy and Experience Greater Freedom. Spread your Wings and Fly to new Heights of Mystical Insight and Magick. A Fit Spirit begets a Life of Love that Invigorates the Soul and Opens the Gates of Heaven.

I Hugged a Tree Today and was Embraced by the Wisdom of the Ancients and the Love of the Ancestors. Life is Energy. Every Tree, Every Flower and every Person is Energy. Hug a Tree and you Embrace Love in this Life, Past Lives and Future Lives.

May you Live in Great Happiness. May you receive Blessings beyond Comprehension. May you Radiate the Divine within. May you Embrace the Wonder of Earth born things. May you Dance to the Heartbeat of the Universe. May you Create a Life you Love. May you Live always with Gratitude and Respect. May you a build a Bridge of Light to a Destiny of Bliss and May you Bless, Uplift and Heal the World. The Answer is Yes You May!

The Tree of Life is Radiant with Leaves of Love and Kindness. Its roots are Planted firmly within the Womb of Sacred Mother Earth. Water your World with Love and the Tree will Blossom into a Future of Great Joy and Happiness.

Remember Who You Are. You are a Spiritual Epiphany. You are a Gift from God and Goddess. You are a Growing Phenomenon. You are a Brighter Shade of Love. You are Beautiful and Enigmatic. You are Deep and Delicious. You are Awakening Kindness and Conscious Awareness. You are Sacred and Divine. You are Extraordinary. You are my Friend. I Love You.

A Light Shines Brilliantly in those whose Love of the World is an Inspiration to Behold. We are Celestial Souls Crafted from Love and we all have the Ability and Passion to be Visionaries. Visionaries are those who See with Spiritual eyes. They are those who Illuminate their Lives with the Miraculous. Feel the Miracle of Life and Open your Mind that you may See Truth and Beauty that surrounds you. Explore your Awakening Light and Let yours be a Vision of a Better World and a Brighter Tomorrow.

Your Soul is a Poem that Flows like a Sacred Stream into the Hearts of all who Know and Love You.

I awoke in the Lap of Mother Nature with the Sweetness of Love warming my Heart. We had a Breakfast of Insight and Inspiration. We walked in Harmony, Unity and Peace through Gardens of Bliss and Beauty. I fell asleep in the arms of Mother Nature with a Smile on my face for I knew i was Home.

See with the Eyes of a Child. See with Innocence and Purity. Play with Life. Sing for no reason and Dance without Music. Let the Joy of the Child within you out to Play. Glow with Happiness and Frolic in Fields of Bliss. Climb the Tree of Transformation and eat Freely the Fruits of Change. Laugh with the Beauty that comes from Youth and Rejoice in the Knowledge that the Soul doesnt age. Love with the Heart of a Child.

Create Joy with every Thought. What we Think impacts the World around us. Think Hope, Think Happiness, Think Peace and Think Love. Every Great Accomplishment in Life began with a Thought. Think!

Reach inside your Soul and Feel your Essence. Feel the Love that is your Birthright. We are Beings of Love and by Sharing that which is Innate to us we Cultivate Kindness and Inspire Compassion. Be Joyously Optimist for the Transformation that is coming will Create a Loving Global Community of Peace, Freedom and Enlightenment.

Release the Love within your Shamanic Soul and every Moment becomes a Life Changing Event.

When Spirits are around they make Great things happen. They allow us to Feel more Peace and Create a state of Grace and Joy. When Spirits are around they Manifest a dynamic Field of Possibilities. They Heal and Cleanse us that we may Transcend and Transform. Life is a thing of Bliss and Beauty. When Spirits are around.

Pure Joy is a Haven for the Soul. The Loving Spirits that Uplift and Empower us are Inspired by the Souls Sacred Light. A New World of Insight and Intuition awaits those who allow their Life to Flow naturally in the direction of Soul and Spirit. We are a Beautiful Gift from above sent to Earth to Share the Gift of Love. Be the Joy within and Grace the World with the Miracle of You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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