Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bless And Transform

Nurture, Nourish, Inspire, Create, Awaken, Enrich, Engage, Enlighten, Invoke, Transcend, Empower, Unite, Initiate, Bless and Transform. This is your Task for the Day.

Share with me a Dream of Bright Happy Days. A Dream where people join Together to Celebrate the Sacredness of Mother Earth. A Dream of Light that Liberates the Divine within. Share with me a Dream of Beauty where the Wind Dances as the Spirit Sings. A Dream of Kind Thoughts and Loving Actions. A Dream of Wonder and Magick where all Emerge into an Enchanting new Existence. Share with me a Dream.

there is a stream of love which flows through the entire universe that elevates every experience for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition.

Sweet are they with Heaven in their Heart who Breathe Joy into every Moment for they are Messengers of Love and through their Kindness we Bloom like Flowers in Paradise bathing in the Sunlight of Love.

I wish love and kindness unto all beings. We are born of the same light and therefore are brothers and sisters. We are the spirit of the sky and the heart of the earth. I call upon your soul to create a life of beauty that brings joy to all.

To sit Under the Moon and be Caressed by the Divine Wonder of its Loving Light is to be truly Alive.

mine is a tribal heartbeat. within my soul is a shamanic and mystical symphony of purity and passion. the beauty of the now is a spiritual aphrodisiac that has a profound healing effect on my battered heart. the flow of grace from those that mean the most to me frees my mind as it explores the depths of my being. divine is the rhythm of my existence. if life is a song then my life is a hymn of birth death and rebirth. with every breath i am born anew. with every smile life begins again. i am eternal. i am infinite. i am the ancient one.

Beyond the Infinite is a Place of Ecstatic Inspiration and Liberating Ways where people Nourish Positive Relationships and Celebrate the Oneness of All Life.

Your Hearts Prayer is one that Embraces the Sacredness of Love and if you wish to Honour that Prayer simply contribute to the Well Being of Others for every Act of Kindness is a Prayer that has been Answered.

by deepening your compassion and allowing the flow of positive energy to envelope your thoughts and feelings you enrich the lives of others as you grow into your sacred self.

Let today be a Glorious Nw Beginning. Let it be a time of Uplifting Energy and Continuous Prayer. Let today be a Mystical Experience where the Cleansing Waters of Love Transform each and every Soul on Earth.

Life is a Symphony of Love and We are meant to Celebrate its Beauty. Let us Live in Light and Dance in Joy.

we have within us a natural goodness. we have within us countless gifts of spirit. we have within us a life changing power to heal and transform. we have a heart of purity and a soul of dignity. be fully engaged in every moment of your life and liberate the miracles within as you embrace the vastness of your being. you have within you a natural greatness.

Live each day with Love as your Guide and your Journey becomes a Heartfelt Gift where every Moment is a Stepping Stone to a Higher Dimension.

Shape your Reality with the Sacred and you will have a Life Divine where every Moment is one of Deep Love and Transformational Light.

Let Basic Goodness be your Highest Purpose and yours will be a Path to Wholeness where Flowers of Love and Light Blossom within your Soul.

It is when we Help others find Happiness that we Create a Circle of Compassion which Generates Love and Manifests Miraculous Change.

Nourish your Passions with Profound Spoken Truths as you Embrace the Energy of Love and yours will be a Life of great Joy and Spiritual Well Being.

a contemplative path leads to a gateway of change where you will find peace and serenity. a place where the fabric of your dreams weaves a reality of joyful awareness. contemplate your path and your path will create for you a hope giving journey of beauty and bliss.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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