Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Gift Of Choice

Every moment of our Life we are Blessed with the Gift of Choice. Choose Wisely and Life becomes a series of Delightful Experiences that Enrich and Empower.

Rooted in the Reflecting Light of the Heart is a Radiance which Ignites the Soul and Creates Greater Spiritual Awareness. Look to your Heart for it is there You will find Prayerful Treasures and True Life Purpose.

My Spirit is Inspired and my Soul is Elevated with every Smile I see for within that Moment is the Glow of Grace and the Glory of Heaven.

Generate Ideas that Empower. Use the Kindness of your Words to Inspire. Live your Life in a way that Motivates. You have within you not the Power to move Mountains but the Power to Change Lives and by Changing Lives you make the Earth Smile.

to open the gateway to positive living and experience meaningful transformation we must simply believe that it exists and that we are worthy.

You have an Essence of Pure Enlightenment. You have a Inner Landscape that is Uniquely Beautiful. You are a Unique Manifestation of Love and Light. At your Core is the place where Earth and Heaven meet. Live your Destiny by Seeing your True Self and setting it Free.

awake this morn and breathe in inspiration. let every breath be filled with positive life choices. embrace each moment with unbound gaiety and mystic intent. awake this morn and light your soul with love.

Listen to your Angels. The Energy of Angels not only Inspires the Soul it also Transforms limiting Beliefs. Angels motivate us with Empowering Realizations which Guide us to Create a Blueprint for a Positive Future. Angels are Heavenly Helpers that provide us with the Opportunity to Look within that we may see the Sacred Gifts of Inner Peace and Joy. Listen to your Angels.

we experience the higher self when we embrace the joy of loving service for every act of kindness opens a doorway to our divine beauty and sacred essence.

timeless and ancient are the past life incarnations which feed my mind, body and soul with wisdom, knowledge, truth, beauty and light.

Create the Energy you Seek by Exploring Enlightening Alternatives and by Empowering yourself with Compassion and Understanding. Caring and Kindness are the Greatest Reservoirs of Positive Energy Life has to offer.

set your intentions to happiness for to know joy is to know your true self and your true self was born of love and destined to be happy.

tonight i say a prayer for the earth. a prayer of love for a mother we have neglected. a prayer of light for a nurturing friend much to often ignored. a prayer of hope for a kindred soul who deserves better. tonight i say a prayer for the earth.

be kind to yourself. enrich your life journey by giving yourself the love you deserve. know that you are special and by showing yourself that you are worthy of all the joy life has to offer you release healing energies that transform. be truly compassionate to yourself. walk dimensions of spirit in balance and harmony as you manifest your dreams. look within at the wellspring of karmic information and use its inspirational messages to create an uplifting atmosphere of blissful awareness. be loving to yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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