Saturday, August 09, 2014

Positive Thought and Action

through positive thought and action intentionally create a life of helping and healing that traverses pathways of spirit and higher realms of light. we are fortunate to be alive and when we live in full awareness and seek to make life beautiful we change ourself and the world.

you are a beautiful gem and if you reach beyond your boundaries you will discover fields of opportunities where remarkable souls gather in the presence of angels to share their love and light that they may create a better world.

the heart flowers when we act in kindness. the soul smiles when we seek to serve. the spirit blossoms when we show compassion. the heavens rejoice when we love ourself.

when we are of service to humanity we fulfill our divine purpose. when we act with great kindness we open the door to change. when we look compassionately at ourself we manifest beauty and spirit. life is energy and energy is the light of love. smile and dance in the light.

invite joy into your life and live in complete truth. allow the beautiful energy of your spiritual essence to bathe you in love and light. know that you are an angel and heaven is yours to create. invite the sacred into your life.

this is a miraculous time. a time of revelations and insights. a time of journeys to heavenly realms and other dimensions. a time of beauty and brilliance where the sacred self sails along rivers of light. a time of wondrous discoveries and waves of transformation. a time of love so great it immerses itself in the deepest reaches of the spirit. this is a miraculous time. a time created by you. a time created within you. open your mind, body and soul and celebrate for this is your time.

gentle whispers from the soul are a source of empowerment for those who listen with their heart.

open to divine inspiration are they who live their deepest truth and share their highest self for they are travelers on a pathway of peace whose every step is an outstanding angelic experience.

you are a gifted teacher. there is a sacred space within you where living wisdom resides. share your knowledge with the universe. you are a gifted student. there is a divine temple within you where curiosity resides. share your passion and purpose with the universe. life is simply a series of lessons we teach and learn. smile for class is in and you are amazing.

life is a mystical journey of discovery and extraordinary spiritual transformation for those who seek to make healing sacred connections and serve the betterment of humankind.

a greater sense of aliveness allows us to experience greater freedom and oneness with all life. live from a place of joy and gratitude and make it your highest purpose to become and feel more fully alive.

listen to and immerse yourself in healing insights from the soul for it is that simple act which will bring you freedom of being and guide you to an awakened life where miracles happen.

let the story of your life be one of inexhaustible love that celebrates the positive and yours will be a transformative journey of magick and myth where fairy tales come true.

appreciate yourself and others. believe in yourself and others. embrace yourself and others. respect yourself and others. honour yourself and others. cherish yourself and others. love yourself and others.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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