Friday, July 25, 2014

Experience your Sacredness

experience your sacredness and yours will be a deeper fuller richer life. explore the light of your spirit and yours will be a more beautiful blissful bountiful life. embrace the love rooted in your heart and yours will be a kinder happier more radiant life. experience, explore and embrace the miracle of who you truly are.

the world around you is alive and the more welcoming and open you are the more you will benefit all beings for it is when we share our light with the world that we open windows of opportunity and change lives.

explore through experience that place in your heart where love waits in silence for you to embrace your true self and live the life your soul intended.

journey to the self. explore your beauty. discover your greatness. live your life as a blessing. you are extraordinary. you are a miracle. journey to the self and i will meet you there with a smile on my soul for you are a joy and an inspiration.

more joy in life comes to those who are alive with spirit for they are the messengers of light warmed by the sunlight of all that is good who embrace the healing power of kindness and ignite the world with love.

transform your life today. Smile your heart open and embrace people of all paths as you journey to where beauty abounds. engage your spirit and celebrate the sacredness alive within. transform your life today.

every moment is an opportunity to accomplish something beautiful. every moment is an opportunity to journey into other realities. every moment is an opportunity to move into a higher spiritual realm. every moment is an opportunity to allow yourself the freedom to be authentic. every moment is an opportunity to share messages of hope. every moment is an opportunity to sing your heart open. every moment is an opportunity. what will you do with this moment.

empower yourself and others with thoughts that motivate and actions that inspire and you will discover unexpected enlightenment.

let us come together in a place of transcendence and transformation where vision and intuition connect for it is there that we may dance in fields of opportunity and voyage into oceans of possibility as we manifest a life to be admired and respected.

acceptance of yourself allows you to discover the divinity within and fills mind, body and soul with guidance and inspiration that you may experience the love and light of deep spiritual harmony.

they who have a reverence for the beauty of what resides within and appreciate the importance of the sacred self are they who blossom and grow in extraordinary ways.

listen from the heart and you will hear the call of spirit beckoning you to open the doorway to the soul that you may see and experience the beauty of your true and sacred self.

feel your sacred heartbeat and let it inspire you to give life to something beautiful. let it create within you greater awareness and purpose that you may know higher worlds and embrace the celestial presence of your true divine nature.

come with me on a guided expedition of continuous transformation where in every choice we answer the call of spirit and in every breath we experience the deepest love. we will call this journey life.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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