Friday, July 04, 2014

Love and Believe in Yourself

your inherent beauty and the strength of your spirit are gifts that benefit others. if you love and believe in yourself you will transform your life in ways that are positive and profound.

ours is a character shaped by love and whenever we do something worthwhile we create a clear path to the exquisite divinity that is our destiny.

the spirit world is alive. empowering visions and sacred whispers caress me until i am overcome with joy. experiences of bliss and encounters with the light embrace me until i am immersed in ecstasy. the spirit world is alive.

you are a ray of light - magickal and wondrous. you are the soul of the earth - beautiful and inspiring. you are the embodiment of love and the breath of the divine. you are a miracle and i love you.

awaken to a new reality beyond your comprehension where the coming of angels guides you along the road to eternity where the ever expanding universe fills your heart and soul with love and laughter.

extraordinary and miraculous is the flow of positive energy within each of us and if we believe in its power and beauty we can create a future and personal spiritual journey of heavenly visions and inspired mindfulness where love is our liberation, transformation and destination.

may your purpose on this day be to open your heart and soul to the sunlight of spirit as you immerse yourself in the higher energy of kindness and cultivate a happier and more fulfilling life.

moments of joy come to those who delve deeply within and discover their blissful inner self. the vibration of the universe is within. the soul of happiness is within. the beauty of your sacred self is within. the magnificence of your essential spiritual nature is within. go within and immerse yourself in the grace and glory of who you truly are.

live from your soul and you will manifest meaningful change. the soul has amazing healing powers. the soul is filled with ancient wisdom. the soul is a reflection of your true self. the soul is all the answers to all the questions dancing together in the light of truth. live from your soul.

when there is joy in what you do you bring balance to your life. when there is joy in who you are you help yourself and others grow. when there is joy the evolving self smiles. live your joy.

connect to your deepest self for flowing through you is spiritual wisdom and sacred knowledge. by connecting with the beauty within you illuminate a path of healing as you discover the tools for happier living.

the most profound answers are the ones we give ourselves. they are the answers we see in a smile, they are the answers we feel in a warm embrace, they are the answers we hear in laughter and they are the answers we create with love and kindness. take the time to truly appreciate and acknowledge the answers you give yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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