Thursday, June 26, 2014

Expect More Out Of Life

expect more out of life. enhance who you are. make better and more fulfilling choices. unleash the transformative power within. create wholeness and flow. believe in something greater. let this be the day you commit to moving forward in a positive way. expect more out of yourself.

focus on you. you are worthy. you are a gift to the divine. focus on you. you are special. you are a treasure to be cherished. focus on you. you are deserving. you are a blessing of light and love. focus on you.

to spread joy is to build a bridge to the spiritual self where you will make healthier choices, live more abundantly and embrace a world of kindness and compassion. those who serve others serve their highest self.

look deep into your soul for it is there you will discover a gateway to light. immerse yourself into the light and you will emerge full of hope. you will find the miracles you have been waiting for within the light of your sacred self.

there is a deep calling within your soul asking you to participate more fully in your spiritual growth and positively change your life in a way that nourishes and nurtures every moment and every breath along your path.

connect to your spirit and embrace your evolution by creating thoughts and actions that liberate the soul and lead to a more joyful tomorrow.

a positive lifestyle and a passionate desire for true happiness makes us more alive and awake while helping us strengthen our spirit and enrich our existence in a multitude of ways.

smile in a loving way, laugh in a loving way, sing in a loving way, dance in a loving way, embrace in a loving way, think in a loving way, act in a loving way and live in a loving way. life is more beautiful when experienced in a loving way.

walk in realms of light and the company of angels for that is where you will make your dreams a reality.

when the opportunity arises to help others on their path embrace it with gratitude for it will enrich the quality of their life and yours. a passion for helping others helps us to see the divine in every breath.

there are profound lessons and deeper truths within every heart and the more stress and anxiety we remove from our lives the greater the flow of positive energy we create and the better able we are to learn our lessons and embrace our truth.

suggestions for this day: live with more aliveness, seek the divine light within, walk a path of liberation, be thankful and appreciative of those moments of peace and beauty, listen intuitively, illuminate your spirit, make a commitment to transformation, celebrate your life and bathe in love and kindness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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