Thursday, June 12, 2014

Walk a Path of Deeper Transformation

beautifully and profoundly with loving assistance from your guides and spirits walk a path of deeper transformation that you may set free your divine spiritual energy and become who you truly are and who you were born to be.

choose to be joyful. choose to share your passions. choose to give to others in a way that motivates and inspires . choose to love yourself. choose healthier and happier lifestyle choices. you are the master of your own destiny. choose to be joyful.

there is a light in the heart that never goes out for it is the light of love. open your heart and embrace the light.

let your soul show you the way. explore your soulfulness and it will cultivate positive energy and lead you along a path of transformative experiences where you can be who you truly are.

a passionate commitment to transform your life and a sincere desire to serve others will guide you to places beautiful and sacred where collaboration and cocreation will inspire your soul and bless your heart.

may the light of others inspire you to connect to higher realms. may the light of your soul inspire you to let your spirit dance. we are all given wings to soar. seek the light and fly.

create the future you desire by feeding your passions. let your gentle spirit illuminate your path that you may truly see the precious pilgrimage you are on. personal and spiritual growth comes to those who build it not those who wait for it. let this be the day you create something magnificent that will carry you into a better tomorrow.

open your mind, body and soul to a life of spiritual truth and angelic guidance. allow the gentle beauty and blessings of the universe to embrace you. immerse yourself in inspiration, awareness and the natural flow of energy. life is waiting for you to live it fully and when you do yours will be an adventure of healing and wholeness where miracles happen.

embrace the possibilities around you. embrace the opportunities that abound. embrace every moment with sacred intent. embrace every breath with passion and purpose. awaken and give life a hug with the belief and knowledge that it will hug you back.

serve the future now by treating yourself with respect and living in a way that benefits all. the kinder and more loving we are to ourselves the healthier and happier our life will be.

the more compassionate and understanding we are the more likely we are to have spiritually enriching experiences and a life full of miracles.

greater communion with spirit and connection with humanity create magickal experiences and a more joyful life.

you are on a unique spiritual journey. a deeper connection with self as you walk your path will lead you to extraordinary insights and significant life changes. interact with your angels and guides as you voyage into freedom and bliss. listen to the messages around you as you make your way to happiness. know that a journey isnt something we take, its something we make. you are on a unique spiritual journey. make it something magnificent.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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