Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Life Affirming Experience

to truly love yourself is a life affirming experience that expands your awareness, opens your heart to grace and guides you on a journey to self empowerment where you may live your highest good.

journey toward growth and you will find your life begins to have new meaning and purpose. journey toward light and you will find your life begins to have new passion and significance. journey toward love and you will find your life begins to have new dreams and visions. the time is now for a new beginning. step forward on your path.

live your passions gently guided by wisdom from within and know that when the choices we make are wrapped in love the rewards are transforming.

change your reality. live more powerfully. make soul centered choices. a more meaningful life is yours if you shape your spiritual path with kindness, compassion and love.

step into your greatness and you will find a gateway to inspiration that opens into a world of profoundly spiritual experiences.

my akashic record collection has some great albums in it and whenever life's struggles become too much i take one out and listen to it as a reminder of what an ancient and beautiful soul i am.

live your inspiration. live a fulfilled existence. discover the sacred within. embrace your magnificent gifts. immerse yourself in a deep sense of joy. we have with every breath the opportunity to make a choice that will positively impact our lives. be wise and make every choice in the spirit of love. live the life you deserve.

empowered from within are those who have a deeper connection with self. the more we know and love who we truly are the more joy and happiness we will have in our life.

you provide others with inspiration and direction without even knowing it. every kind word motivates. every smile transforms. you stimulate the soul when you reach out to people in their time of need. yours is a life of meaning and significance. now is the time to show yourself the same love and compassion you show others because you deserve all the love life has to offer and all the love you have within.

with love and kindness release your beauty and healing energy to the heart of all beings as a benevolent prayer and a sacred blessing.

i feel your pain. i see your struggle. i hear your cries. my thoughts are with you. my prayers are with you. my hopes are with you. i am sending you positive healing energy. i am sending you light. i am sending you love. you are worthy. you are beautiful. you are a gift and a blessing. believe in yourself. cherish yourself. love yourself. life will be better. i love you.

life is a series of mystical experiences when we act with love and kindness for it is then that we gain greater clarity, improve the now and open ourselves to opportunity.

awaken to your natural self and with the greatest respect embark on a journey of self discovery and healing with the knowledge that your sacred spirit and eternal soul are there to guide you along the way.

prepare for your greatness. prepare to traverse angelic celestial realms. prepare to be embraced by the highest expression of your soul. the better prepared we are the better the choices we will make and the better the life we will have. prepare to be loved.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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