Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Sensation of Being Alive

stop a moment to experience the sensation of being alive. feel the sweetly comforting beat of your heart. see the beauty of the luminous world around you. immerse yourself in the miracle of life and with painterly prose make yours an extraordinary story of love.

change the way you think and you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities to go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. possibilities open up for those who not only think positively but who turn those thoughts into positive actions.

with self confidence and perseverance live your dream. live it with the belief that you will end up exactly where you belong. live it with the knowledge that you are capable of great things. life is what we make it so dream of beauty, bliss, love and light then live your dream.

you are worthy of love. yours is a caring compassionate heart to be cherished. your life has value and purpose. you are worthy of love. yours is a fantastic adventure to be admired. your life has meaning and significance. you are worthy of love.

run and play together. sing and dance in celebration of each others beauty. smile and laugh at the joy within. the way we connect with each other heals the soul and transforms our lives.

a willingness to try is deeply encouraging for it means you have hope in your heart and a heart with hope is a treasure to be cherished.

be your own healer. be your own guide. be your own light. the greatest miracles occur when we passionately commit to loving ourself and believing that we are capable of great things. be your own hero.

choose to create new experiences and connect to a higher guidance for it is our choices which determine our destiny. you have within you the knowledge, wisdom and power to create something beautiful and profound. the time has come to shape a future you can be proud of.

you are a but a tree within a forest. a flower within a garden. a thing of beauty amongst the beautiful. it is when we see our true beauty that we recognize the beauty in others and are better able to live our lives in a way that reflects our magnificence.

by acting powerfully and positively as you walk through life you inspire others to act in kind thereby creating a heartfelt community of love and light where all feel truly blessed by the beauty of their existence.

we all have exceptional spiritual gifts and by loving and believing in ourself we create a more profound truth that leads to blissful healing and inspires positive transformation.

fuel your life with divine purpose and make soulful connections that light a clear path to a place of liberation and transformation where to love and be loved is all that is expected.

patience, compassion and a gentle awareness of your natural intuitive abilities create a balanced and fulfilled life where you feel the radiance within as you change from the inside out.

ours is a kingdom of spirit and we are connected to one another by a sacred love. acknowledge and accept this truth for it is when we believe that we can truly reshape our destiny.

i love you on a soul level. i cherish you on a spirit level. your every breath inspires hope. i celebrate who you are. i respect who you are. i love who you are. i love myself on a soul level. i cherish myself on a spirit level. my every breath inspires hope. i celebrate who i am. i respect who i am. i love who i am. this is my mantra. this is my mantra.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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