Friday, July 18, 2014

Hold Softly Your Intentions

in kindness and gratitude hold softly your intentions as you create a transformational fire to warm the heart and help you heal your life. in supportive and caring ways show yourself the deepest compassion and yours will be a life divine. in love and light gift yourself with a sincere belief that you are worthy of great things. you are a miracle and how you treat yourself determines where your life will lead.

keep your heart open for an open heart is a receptacle for light and love. it is a wellspring of deep healing possibilities. it is a home for kindness and a sanctuary for the sweetness and beauty of the sacred self. keep your heart open and welcome yourself home.

a deep reverence for life and a sincere desire to cultivate kindness and compassion are the keys to manifesting miracles and creating an atmosphere of love that will change the world around you.

it is time for a new relationship with life. a relationship that honours all. a relationship that shines a magnificent light on everybody and everything. a relationship of loving grace which journeys into spirit. a relationship of positive intention. it is time for a new relationship with life.

be an empowering source of compassion and manifest a life of prayer and intention that serves both your soul and the soul of all humankind for it is through service to the self and others that we truly fulfill our destiny and become the angels we were born to be.

embrace your spirit self and embark on a journey of discovery for it is through exploration and experience that we come to see ourself as a beautiful being of light born for greatness.

deep within the spiritual self is a place of increased wholeness and limitless happiness waiting for you to discover its beauty, explore its greatness and learn from its wisdom. immerse yourself in the miracle of your spiritual self and yours will be a life of enriching relationships woven of positive energy which manifest as a life of joy.

answer the call of spirit and take responsibility for your life. answer the call of soul and manifest the life you desire. answer the call of heart and live a life that loves you back. listen closely and when called upon be sure to answer for it will change your life.

in fields of transformation where wholeness and well being grow let us plant seeds of beauty and bliss which we can nourish and nurture that they may blossom into expressions of love and light.

to grow upwards is to awaken your consciousness in a way that inspires you to love your life. climb with me the mountain of transformation and together we will create a beauty so profound that it will change our world and enrich our lives.

you are a spiritual seeker whose inner source of power facilitates personal healing. you are a sacred warrior whose true divine nature is to help others along their path. you are an angel on earth and i love you.

embrace your inner truth for it is there you will discover compassion for all beings and align with your souls purpose.

awaken the heart and release the life affirming energy within that its positive flow may bathe you in beauty as it cleanses your mind, body and soul.

the more open we are to love the more bliss and beauty we welcome into our lives for love expands awareness as it enhances and enriches every aspect of our sacred existence. the more open we are to love the more likely it is that ours will be a house of light and a place of inspiration where the spirit flies free as the soul dances in celebration. open yourself to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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