Friday, July 11, 2014

A Nurturing Community of Love and Light

we all have higher truths. we all have the ability to change. immerse yourself in your dreams. venture into the core of who you are and unleash your natural beauty. aliveness and well being are gifts to give yourself. together we can create a nurturing community of love and light.

be an agent of positive change. begin your day with the intent to touch peoples lives in ways profound. let your purpose be to help others find their passion and purpose. do this with the knowledge that by seeking to guide others out of the darkness you immerse yourself in light. be an agent of positive change.

intuitive living and pure intentions create life changing transformation as they are the tools that provide us with the revelatory answers we need to manifest the life our soul intended.

i am extraordinary. yesterday my wife told me that she is with me because i am extraordinary. she said that she was single for so long because she always felt that she would be with somebody extraordinary. i am truly blessed. she is an amazing woman. she is in fact extraordinary. we have a four year old son who is wise and wonderful. he is an indigo child. he is extraordinary. it has been a difficult couple of years for me with no sign of things easing up. yet through darkness and depression i persevere. through madness and melancholy i persevere. through pain and suffering i persevere. i persevere because i am secure in the knowledge that no matter how bad things get, no matter how broken my mind and body are, no matter what the world beats me down with i will triumph for i am good, i am strong, i am wise and i am extraordinary.

clear and thoughtful are they who see the presence of the miraculous for they are the timeless beings of light whose flowering hearts and passion for helping others consciously manifest the life of their dreams.

deep exploration of the soul creates growth and fulfillment by inspiring us to use our pure spiritual strength to journey into healing that we may emerge wiser and ready to claim our bliss.

yours is a life full of blessings and a love that heals. believe in your blessings and immerse yourself in love for it is there that you will discover the greatest spiritual lessons, experience the most powerful light and create the most miraculous changes.

smile at yourself in the mirror and you generate more joy. believe you are worthy and you manifest profound personal transformation. love yourself with all your heart and you create a life of divine happiness.

by loving and appreciating yourself you are better able to help others and to move your life forward to its ultimate destiny of beauty and bliss.

rich self exploration is a wonderful gift you can give yourself for when we venture within we find limitless treasures which show us how truly magnificent we are. explore the light within and set the glory and greatness of your true self free that all may experience your beauty.

awareness of the sacred awakens the light of the soul and changes the atmosphere around you into positive energy which transforms your life in beautiful ways.

when we seek the good in people we smile from the inside and create a powerful healing path of bountiful opportunities and greater happiness.

a life filled with wondrous intent is a life filled with extraordinary experiences of transcendental possibility which open the mind and heart.

our lives are filled with moments that transform and those of us who truly see and embrace those moments are the ones who will inspire others to access their divine knowledge that they too may see the life changing beauty and magickal manifestations within their reach.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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