Friday, September 05, 2014

Make every Moment a Magickal Experience

live in the light and raise your vibration with heart based actions that fill your life with joy and make every moment a magickal experience.

explore your inner being and you will discover something beautiful deep within that will connect you to your angels and if you open your heart and mind will allow you to blossom in ways you never thought possible.

connect to your higher self and your life becomes a message of empowerment that accelerates spiritual growth and embraces the light of the divine.

cherish yourself and others. treasure each moment for the miracle that it is. embrace every day with a passion for change. express your uniqueness with creativity and confidence. live your truth and love your life.

we are angels of the soul whose ascent into spirit begins with a simple prayer within our heart.

evolving to enlightenment begins with a brighter outlook that moves you towards spirit and a willingness to bring peace into your heart as you open yourself to receive divine guidance.

walk with me along pathways into other worlds and ours will be a mesmerizing journey of discovery, revelation and spiritual metamorphosis. soar with me through skies of sacred exuberance where every breath will be inspired and improved by the mysteries of life. come with me on a mystical exploration of joy and abundance where our healing gifts and abilities will shine a light of love that benefits all humanity. dance with me for life is a song and we were born to dance.

the brightest stars are the ones that have the greatest connection to spirit. they are the enlightened souls who see life as a breathtaking adventure of discovery and divinity. be the star that you are.

listen to the echoes of earlier times for in their sweet whisperings you will discover a sacred message that inspires you in beautiful and simple ways to be the being of light that is your birthright.

pure are the souls that richly bestow upon others countless blessings of light and love for they are the gods and goddesses who will guide us to the heaven within our heart.

experience fully the ocean of infinite love within and it will put a smile on your soul that will lead you down a path of divine knowledge where everybody benefits from its blessings.

yours is a life beautifully designed by guidance from the great spirit. yours is an extraordinary story crafted from heartfelt and compassionate wisdom imparted from the heavens. you are a gift and a blessing. believe in and love who you are.

cleanse yourself mind, body and soul with positive energy and a deep heartfelt gratitude for the miracle of life as doing so will make yours a journey of compassionate prayer which benefits yourself and others.

life is a celebration. celebrate the surreal nature of your being. celebrate your uniqueness. celebrate your spiritually enlightening experiences. you are a true masterpiece filled with wonder from other dimensions. you are a sacred gift which benefits others in a charitable way. you are an open hearted and empathetic being of love born to live in joy. life is a celebration. celebrate you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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