Friday, September 19, 2014

We All Have A Higher Purpose

we all have a higher purpose. let your spirit be heard. we all are of worth to others. share the gifts of your soul. we all are significant and meaningful. embrace the heart of the world. we are all beautiful blessings. see the good around you. we are all unique and special. communicate with the sacred. we are all miracles.

open your heart to more love and allow mind, body and soul to overflow with positive energy for you are a messenger of light and the moment you accept and embrace this truth is the moment the healing begins.

an open heart is a foundation for self growth and healing. the more open the heart the closer the relationship with the divine.

kind loving words are a form of compassionate communication that elevate and uplift. a simple thank you or bless you can touch a person deep within their soul. choose your words carefully and if you can find nothing positive to say then say i love you.

my recipe for joy is to live my life purpose in beautiful and mystical ways that cultivate compassion and create positive lasting change.

if you honor your wisdom, live in the light of your true self, seek happiness for all, relax and surrender to your glory and greatness, partake joyfully in the cosmic dance and embrace your inner and outer journey with intense gratitude you will discover that heaven is not a place it is part of who you are.

engage the world with a joy that is contagious for it is through selfless acts of love that we evoke the sacred and connect with the divine.

relate to yourself in ways that are positive and love yourself in ways that inspire for you are a blessing to be cherished and your life is a miracle to be treasured.

life is a magickal reality of great importance and those who aim to enrich others and find something good in every moment are the messengers of light who will guide us to a brighter and more beautiful tomorrow.

personal and planetary healing are the result of loving and believing in ourselves in ways that embrace our true nature, release our spiritual energy and elevate our soul to a place of vision and beauty where it may benefit the many and make life a more meaningful experience.

radiant is the smile that frees your soul for it is a cosmic force of aliveness and awareness that inspires moments of enlightenment.

there are many different heavens. the truth of who you are is that you are a multidimensional being of love and light. each part of your sacred essence has its own heaven. discover yourself and you will find infinite treasures of light and love. there are many different heavens and they are all waiting for you with arms open.

this moment is an opportunity for positive change. you are unique and wonderful. with each step you can connect hearts and deepen your awareness. you are a gift and a blessing. live in service to others and make each day a joyous celebration of life and all its miracles. you are beautiful and brilliant. allow the healing vibrations from within to guide you to your higher calling. this moment is an opportunity for positive change. behold the glory of your greatness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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