Thursday, September 11, 2014

Soulful Connections

i have come to a deep realization that the more soulful connections i make the more beautiful my life will be for each and every person on sacred mother earth has something special to share and something profound to teach.

who are you really. you are a guiding light. you are a messenger of peace on a path of wellness. you are a beautiful flower of spirit born to blossom. you are a vibration of love. be who you really are.

every moment of every day is an awakening experience of clarity and beauty for those who are divinely guided to live a joyous life of positive intention.

i am grateful to be here. i am truly blessed. i am embraced by a desire to help others. i have discovered the most beautiful truths. i am thankful to be here. i am surrounded by earth honoring people. i have experienced what previously seemed impossible. i have built a foundation of spirit. i am happy to be here.

celebrate yourself. you are a precious gem. your inner glow is a beacon of truth and beauty that shines brightly on all. you are a blessing to be cherished and treasured. you are a masterpiece and a miracle. love yourself.

walk with me along a path of spiritual growth where together we will create a sacred environment of beauty and bliss which contributes positively to the planet.

this moment is an opportunity to live your greatest life. to be open hearted in your kindness. to embrace your innate goodness. to share blessings that uplift. to ignite the sacred. to activate your gifts. to be ecstatically awakened. to be empowering and liberating. to create a transformational atmosphere of love. to be your true self. life is a series of opportunities. take advantage of every moment. this moment is an opportunity. your opportunity. enjoy it.

walk in beauty and experience the benefits of heartfelt choices and positive intentions. give of yourself in ways that touch the soul of humanity and yours will be a sacred journey of love and light.

create a life you love. a life you can be proud of. a life that is authentic and original. a life that moves forward positively. a life that loves you back. life is yours to create. paint a masterpiece.

greater than imagined possibilities are the reward for those who embrace every cell of their true and sacred self as they create a transformative atmosphere of evolutionary guidance and divine beauty.

express your gifts and set your spirit free that it may ride the waves of life with kindness as its companion for it is they who live their true divine nature that commune with angels and dance in the heavens.

wake up to a new reality. see your true self and embrace what really matters. a life of purpose and meaning is a life that is happier and more fulfilled. awaken the heart. release the divine energies within that they may blanket the world with compassion and kindness. be a lover of all life with the intent to help others. wake up to a new reality. we are messengers of hope destined to uplift the spirit. ours is a healing journey of sacred transformation. wake up the future is here and it is a beauty to behold.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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